Help used phone still showing previous owners number-wont make or recieve calls


i bought a used droid 3 to use instead of my work issue flip phone. i put my SIM card in the droid power it up and it makes the call to activate the phone and says that it is complete, but phone wont make or recieve calls. and when i go into about phone and then status the phone number that shows in the menu is not my number. i have tried the factory reset as well as the recovery mode reset.

not sure what to do to fix this.


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At this point, I think you've done what you can. I would head down to a Verizon store and see what they can do to fix it. It sounds like something has gone wrong with your SIM and I would have them provide a new one for you.
Best of luck!
I would always do a Factory Data Reset as the first thing when getting any phone from a third party (or the carrier for that matter). There is no way to know what was previously installed on it or how it was used.

Since you already did that I assume you are now at the Verizon store getting it corrected. Good luck.

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OP said a factory reset was done.
Have you tried to activate it on the Verizon website? Sometimes that will work better than trying to activate directly from the phone. Worth a shot anyway...


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The droid 3 from Verizon has a sim slot that is locked to the shipped Vodafone SIM card, so it can be used as a "world phone" when not connected to the Verizon network. If you didn't get a prompt asking you to unlock the sim, then it's likely that the sim slot is unlocked already, though.

Even unlocking the sim on a Verizon droid 3 (identified as xt862 in settings, about phone) will not unlock it for use in the USA - it will only be unlocked internationally.

I've never used gsm on the droid 3, but I'd think you need to go to setting, wireless & networks, mobile networks and change the network mode to gsm/umts. See if that works.

If it's not already unlocked, there are inexpensive unlocking sites online that work. is one that I know works.