Useing my droid as a webcam


I have been looking all over for something that will make this happen..
ugg i need help here


I don't know if you can create drivers or something to make it work with Skype or some other video chat program, but there are some apps to stream live video onto the web.

UStream - This application has the shortest delay (about 3 seconds for me), but I don't believe you can share the video stream privately.

Qik - This application has a pretty long delay (about 30-40 seconds for me), but you can send a private link to someone and invite them to view the video.

Btw, if anyone knows how to have a private video with UStream, please let me know!


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nope, looked into this today. There is no software to turn the droid into a wifi wireless webcam. This would be a great project for some one more capable then me!
Qik is not a good option for using your droid as a webcam. Ideally, you should not have to post the images to any website or server. The camera should be able to send images directly to your computer via usb, wi-fi, and/or bluetooth.

I would also be willing to pay for an app that can do this if the webcam app can work with Windows 7.


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iPhone doesn't do this, what you talking about.

There is not official app for this, but I found a workaround.
Download PicMe from the market, open camera app/FxCamera.
Then just use ManyCam to cap the area on screen.