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A new line of apps has appeared that seem to offer quick access to all sorts of things such as Amazon, banks etc. The apps do nothing more than pass you on to the target organisation's website. The apps are chargeable. Does anybody have any further info? The developer is UK Android Apps


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Not sure if they are malicious or just aiming to get a few pence off many people. I changed my Egg bank password though! The Amazon app is even featured in the web version of Market!:mad:


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I doubt they're malicious.
they seem to just take you to the website.
They makers just trying to make a quick buck off of us.

besides: even if the app did do something special, I would never download it unless it were actually released by or whatever website the app is for


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IIRC, there is another 'developer' going by the moniker browser that does much of the same thing....most of that developer's apps are free, though.

UK Browser apps has over 100 apps!!! :eek:

UK Android Apps, Android Applications and Games - and only 6 are free. :mad:

I think you're thinking of the Dev that goes by the name Monseta. He/she seems to upload multiple new "apps" almost every day claiming to be special browsers for certain web sites. Apparently (looking at the remarks) his/her apps seem to be shells that show the web site (you could get to with your browser) with ads?

This guy: monseta, Android Applications and Games


You're correct - I confrused (sp on purpose) the apps he was 'writing' for the name of the developer.

My apologies to the developer browser.

Fixing my original post now....


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It's not very good Karma for Monseta is it?

I think it's a little low. You could say "buyer beware" but I still think it's taking advantage.