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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by marctronixx, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. BigCiX

    BigCiX Android Expert

    Most people never upgraded from the HTC One being that it's pretty much the same phone minus the screen.


  2. marctronixx

    Moderator Thread Starter

    i beg to differ. the one max is what the htc one should have been.

    there are just too many options out there and htc didnt fully promote this model, plus many people dont want a big screen. this is a niche product and the fact that many people dont come online to talk about it does not mean anything in my humble opinion.

    when i first heard about the one max by ACCIDENT elsewhere on this forum, i was stoked! couldnt wait to get it.
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  3. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Android Expert

    I was just as excited. Now I'm just sad about (probably) missing out on it altogether. It is a stupendous device, and I agree in many ways it is what the One should have been.
    The timing of the release was deplorable, coupled with the lack of color options, has had me pass up the device in favor of the always promised "just around the corner" prospect of the M8. It kills me because the M8 will have a screen size between the One and One Max.

    If the M8 isn't completely up to snuff, I might consider stepping back to the Max (if it is super cheap, or if I can find some way to import black chassis parts.)
    Otherwise, I may be looking elsewhere on the horizon for other devices. :mad:

    In other news, I had some leftover Best Buy giftcards from Christmas so I ordered the HTC Mini+ bluetooth handset. Not even sure if it will work with my current device software, but hey what the heck I'm going to upgrade pretty soon here.
  4. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter

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  5. animal47

    animal47 Well-Known Member

    My last HTC was a desire hd which I loved but I always wanted a bigger screen so swapped to a note 2 as soon as they came out. I did enjoy the n2 but it eventually got a bit glitchy and I was fed up with all the fancy stuff that it was capable of but that I wasn't interested in, I just wanted a big phone so I sold it and bought an Xperia Z.
    I have really enjoyed the Z and like the ui but I really miss the battery life and screen size of the n2 especially when watching movies as the Z battery life is dismal for that. I didn't want a note 3 as again it will be packed with features that I will never use and I recently stumbled across the one max which appears to have a stunning screen and superb battery life and from what I have heard is just a huge HTC one which suits me fine as that is all I am after.
    So the question is will this finally be the perfect phone for me, I am certainly hoping to find out soon.


    Well I really can't understand why this forum section isn't totally buzzing as this phone is absolutely amazing. I honestly don't see how it could get any better imo, the screen is stunning, battery life great and finally going back to HTC sense is great, I even love BlinkFeed even though I was sure I wouldn't use it. I am even considering selling my nexus 7 now as I can't see me using it anymore as this max does everything.
  6. wase4711

    wase4711 Android Expert

    yep, it is a great phone, but the reviewers seem to hate it, and so many people buy phones based on what they read, so.....
  7. ella69

    ella69 Member

    Hi guys,

    Am considering switching to the One Max from the Droid DNA. I love HTC phones and Verizon is offering the Edge program, in which i could upgrade now and make monthly payments on a new phone. I have a Note 2 as my work phone, so I'm used to phablets. The only issue I foresee is Blinkfeed, as I'm not really into those kind of Widgets, and I've heard it cannot be removed from the home-screen. Can I get some reviews from you all regarding Blinkfeed? Thanks.
  8. marctronixx

    Moderator Thread Starter

    I love BlinkFeed.

    BlinkFeed can be turned off.
  9. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter

    Blink feed is awesome! I only wish it showed more. At a certain point you can't scroll any more, it's like it is capped at a couple days or something
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  10. marctronixx

    Moderator Thread Starter

    maaaaan I have everything checked that can be shown on blinkfeed! :p its soooooo much stuff i can only go back a couple hours... :eek:
  11. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter

    I know!!

    That's my only complaint! I think I can generally go back almost a day. Is there no setting to see more?
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  12. marctronixx

    Moderator Thread Starter

    dont think so. you can save articles to read later which is kinda cool but thats about it.

    the thing, when plugged up, refreshes for me about every 10 minutes, so i just scroll back and it refreshes several pages worth of stuff.
  13. Mud Pie

    Mud Pie Newbie

    When I knew I could I could upgrade from my Dinc 4G LTE, I decided to look around. While there was nothing wrong with my Dinc, I'm a geek and always interested in what's out there.

    I've seen the ever-playing commercials for the HTC One on TV so I went to Verizon's web site to see what's what. I saw the One and the One Max. I decided to read about the differences. When I read about the One Max; the bigger screen, SD card slot, etc., I thought "There's the one !"

    I went to the store, asked to see it, the really helpful Verizon dude took me over to it. First impression ? "HOLY CRAP !!" :D That thing is HUGE, especially coming off a Dinc 4G. My upgrade day was still a week off, I had time to think.

    I went home, read about it and really considered if I needed a phone that large. Trade day came, to be honest, I was torn between the One and the One Max. Obviously from this post location, you know which one I chose. :p

    And I'm really glad I did. Watching videos (CinemaNow and Flixster) is amazing. Copied all my music from my old phone to this one (over 6gb worth). The music app actually scrolls the lyrics to the songs as they play, not needed, I know, but pretty cool nonetheless. The sound quality is well known at this point. I'm sure everyone is aware of all the features, so I won't repeat them here.

    I had a spare 32gb SanDisk SD card from my Surface and popped it in my Max. Of course I'll upgrade to a 64gb, but I just ordered the HTC D180 car dock kit, the card upgrade will have to wait. While my wife is more than understanding in my "geek needs", I can't blow too much cash back to back. She's the sensible one.
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  14. quadtronix

    quadtronix Newbie

    Hello all! :)

    Happy to say, got my HTC One Max yesterday... So far? Really, REALLY good! I knew I wanted a phablet. My Nexus 7 is my favorite tablet I've owned but the HTC One Max might just replace it! I've had this beast 24 hours, still putting it through its paces. I don't want to say too much now cause its only been a day but battery is at 74% and I've used the phone a lot... Love the screen, love the size. Performance is outstanding! I think battery life is about on par with my iPad air! That says a lot IMO... Battery life is really blowing me away! I can't stress that enough...

    I'm coming from a Droid DNA. Sold it to help pay for this... On VZW obviously. Will update once I've had the chance to play around with it over the weekend.
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  15. animal47

    animal47 Well-Known Member

    Had my max a couple of weeks now and sold my nexus 7 last night as it just wasn't needed anymore.
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  16. quadtronix

    quadtronix Newbie

    Well.... The weekend is over. As promised I am going to give my first impressions. So far I have browsed the web extensively, read Ebooks extensively, watched some YouTube on wifi, set up the device initially with Evernote, chrome, nook, picked a new wallpaper and so on. Linked Blinkfeed to my Facebook account. Set up and synced contacts, email and calendar. All this and only charged it once after the initial charge when I got home from the store Friday morning! It's at 65% charge now and it's Monday morning...

    I want to give an honest, unbiased review but so far I really can't find a single thing to complain about. Of course there are things I won't be able to comment on like camera and fingerprint scanner cause I haven't tested them out yet but everything I have tested has run smooth and seamlessly...

    So with that said, love the size/form factor/build quality. Love the 1080p full HD display... Love the performance of the Snapdragon 600. I can't wait to try out some games on this thing! Also want to DL some of my movies from Google Play and watch them on this huge screen! Front firing speakers are awesome! Charges fairly quickly and holds that charge for days!! At least in my case. Overall am very pleased with my purchase.

    I got this at a Verizon authorized dealer for $300 minus $50 instant rebate, minus $80 for my Droid DNA so it really wasn't too expensive. Was thinking about the Note 3 or moto x but am glad I went this route! The X would have been too small for my needs and the Note 3 too feature rich, complicated and still smaller... Not to knock those phones but lets just say I'm very happy with my choice.
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  17. dfran1

    dfran1 Android Enthusiast

    I can not beleave that people still go and buy Samsung's over this phone

    I had 2 iPhones that worked great, but jailbreak them and run widgets and stuff on them and they just crawl, reboot, ext..

    So I had to come back to android, and the siii Samsung was it , then purchased the note 2 Samsung and both were good phones but no matter what I did to them , I could never get the sluggish out of them .

    Then a month ago I stumbled across this HTC max ( all Verizon) and did some digging into the reviews . Only to find out this phone performs just perfectly, smooth , and the max has a micro SD card slot with 32 gigs .
    Now I also tried the mighty powerful note 3 out and found it to still have that sluggishness to it , what a joke , I do have a note 10.1 and use that with its spen, but never my note 2 spen .

    So I went to the Verizon store to see it and in the time I used it all I could say was wow!

    So the next day I called a friend to see if he would buy my note 2 and he said yes, so after work I went to Verizon and purchased the HTC max .

    I have loaded this with loots of app's so far and still no sluggishness at all ! I dint ever need to install anouther launcher the HTC one is perfect , I do not have to use some other keyboard again the HTC one is the best of all I have used , and the HTC messingon app is perfect so again I don't need a third party one , and finally the email app works good enough so again no third party email app! JUST WOW!

    I am still learing tricks with this phone and more are welcome , please share .

    I do not know what to say that is bad about this phone, I thought the fingerprint reader was faulty until I looked at my fingers, in the winter, the cold beats them to cracking a lot so , for the mangled fingers I have I have to say the HTC max has a perfect finger reader also !

    I just hope HTC does not loose track and go the gimmick, sluggishness route that Samsung took! Cause I do not want to go back !

    I am sorry to post this here, but I hope nothing in this update makes me regret it . But I am certainly glad we are getting it !

    Thank you for reading .
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  18. gbswales

    gbswales Newbie

    I have just returned my most recent galaxy device (Note 3) because the sim card reader failed - not only that but when it went to the retailer, who said it was a "virus" - claimed he had fixed it and sent it to Samsung for checking - it came back with the same fault. While it was away I read that Samsung (the new "Apple") are planning to restrict the use of third party devices in a future update - even cases and leads - I decided it was time to change and insisted on a refund as it was only 2 months old. So now the money is back in the bank and I am looking for another mobile with a large screen AND SD card (I already have a card with loads of media on it) - The SD Card really limits choice but then I noticed that the Max has a slot (why on earth don't they put it in all their phones its not like it takes up much space)

    I would be interested to hear of anyone's experience of the One Max, especially from anyone who has previously been a fan of the Galaxy range - price wise I would prefer the One but of course no SD and so will probably have to pay even more than my Note cost. I want to be sure I am doing the right thing - so any tips would be great.

    Also has anyone rooted the Max successfully or perhaps more to the point is there any real need to root it - bloatware etc.
  19. dfran1

    dfran1 Android Enthusiast

    I posted this in the other thread but thought it should go here
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  20. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

    Max was out of stock locally so had to order it online and won't have it for a day or two. This is an upgrade from my Note 2, which I'll sell on eBay. I never took the 4.3 OTA so it still has an unlocked bootloader, which might be handy for someone who knows what that means....

    So.... what'd I miss? :D

    Update : Never mind. Wasn't a fan of this thing so sent it back.

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