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General User Reviews + first impressions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by yourfriendmat, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. yourfriendmat

    yourfriendmat Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I just got my Evo 3D from UPS today :D I'm in the process of uploading some pictures and I'll link the album here. I plan to include example pics from the phone and pics of the phone itself. I'll keep editing and updating this post as opposed to adding new posts so as to not clutter the thread. Hopefully everyone else can comment on their Evos as they come in! Apologies if I go into too much weird detail. I'll work on formatting this better once I have more info for you :) Feel free to ask something that hasn't been asked yet. Also, if you think something needs to be added to the main post, let me know.

    NOTE: HBOOT is still the one from May 20 (S-ON)


    3D Effect
    The 3D is very effective, but it has a pretty narrow sweet spot. It also kind of looks like you're looking at the lenticular cover of a move or something. I understand the concepts are similar, but I thought the screen would look a little smoother. Also, the pictures used for the user interface weren't redrawn, so there is a lot of aliasing when you enter 3D mode. The only reason I think it is so noticeable is because it only affects the horizontal, not the vertical.

    Exciting news: Side-by-side 3D files DO work. I put a side-by-side .mp4 on the phone. When you play it, it may not be in 3D at first, but you can hit menu and select "Play in 3D." So cool!

    I can't get the Green Hornet to play on my device. :(

    I can view 3D content from anywhere between 6 inches from my face to about an arm's length. The sweet spot is pretty narrow, but there seem to be multiple. My girlfriend was playing with the phone and I could watch it along with her.

    Also, REALLY bright 3D photos don't work so well with the parallax barrier tech. Seems like the back light bleeds through the PB LCD.

    So far, I'd estimate the battery lasts about 5.75 hours (2 hours to go from 50% to 15%) under pretty heavy playtime use. I've been looking at Youtube 3D vids, recording my own 3D vids and pics, showing it off to my friends, letting my friends play with it, etc. It's getting more use today than it likely ever will again in one single day. I have had the WiFi on most of that time, though. I'm charging it currently so I can show it off some more.

    Worth noting: The display is definitely the biggest battery hog. It's averaging 83% of the battery use. Contrast that with the 28% used by my Evo 4G.

    Top 4 Evo 4G battery usage (currently):

    1. Phone Idle (48%)
    2. Display (28%)
    3. Wifi (9%)
    4. Cell Standby (7%)

    Top 4 Evo 3D battery usage (currently):
    1. Display (81%)
    2. Wifi (5%)
    3. Mail (4%)
    4. Cell Standby (4%)

    First Startup
    Restarted twice... I hope there's no problem. Activation was super easy on Sprint's website, and once the phone turned on, the process was seamless. The haptic feedback is different from my Evo. I like it :) It seems smoother.

    The back of the phone feels awesome. It's a rubbery plastic and feels pretty solid. I don't know why people were calling it cheap. The camera positioning is frustrating though. I know it can't really go anywhere else, but I just feel like I'm gonna smudge up the lens so I don't want to hold it that way, but there isn't enough phone at the bottom to hold it any other way. I'll just be wiping down the cameras every 5 minutes.

    It boots WAAAYYY faster than my Evo 4G, by the way.

    It uses Fast Boot, so that explains why it feel like it's instant on. Even from completely off, it's still much faster than my Evo 4G.

    See my Picasa Album for pictures. When clicking the share button in the Gallery, you can select to share them as 2D or 3D. It warns you that your recipient may not be capable of viewing them.

    The screen is amazing. If I get within an inch, I can BARELY start seeing the pixels.

    SD Card
    The included 8GB Class 4 SD card is fast! I copied the files (\.data, \Sample 2D Pictures, \Sample 3D Picture, \Sample Music) to my computer at 20 MB/s. It seems faster than my class 10 32 GB Lexar :(

    Sense 3.0
    The new mail app is worlds better. I love that I have an "All accounts" view now. They color code it on the left so you know from which account they came. I always HATED going through the menu, tapping Accounts, and tapping my other account. So this is nice :)

    Messaging app got a facelift. It looks prettier now. It's also quite a lot faster. No more pressing send and waiting forever for the sending dialog box to go away. To be honest, though, I'm assuming they just got rid of that box and do it in the background :p It's still smart because it makes it feel instant.

    Signal Strength
    I know a lot of you are worried about call quality and signal strength. I can't comment on the former, but I don't think you'll have to worry about the latter :) I've been monitoring the phones in my office, and after about 15 minutes of observing, I'm noticing about 3.25 bars on average from the Evo 3D and only around 1.5 on average from my Evo 4G. Walking through the halls here, the Evo 3D gets 1 or 2 bars where the Evo 4G doesn't even get a signal. The 3G speeds are on par with what I've gotten before.


  2. NeoteriX

    NeoteriX Android Expert

    Lucky SOB :)

    Did you get it through the Sprint Premier program?
  3. marctronixx


    yes he/she was one of five.

    looking forward to it YFM. let us know how the activation process goes also.
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  4. wake69

    wake69 Android Expert

    Lucky duck, let us all know how it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. bobby2478

    bobby2478 Android Enthusiast

    +1, I'm jealous! Based on other reviews, there are some things I'm curious about that I'm hoping you could share your thoughts on after playing with it for a bit. Specifically, things I'm wondering about are below. Sorry about the formatting, I tried to use the bulleted list feature but there is a problem and the text just gets lumped together so this doesn't look like it's working properly.

    • 1) Does it include the actual Swype keyboard app pre-installed? Or does it just use HTC Trace keyboard?
    • 2) How is the Call / Voice quality?
    • 3) Any poor reception issues?
    • 4) How are photos & videos taken with the camera?
    • 5) Does the screen suffer from poor resolution in 2d due to the parallax barrier overlay to give you 3d abilities?

    Those are some of the main complaints I think from some of the other reviews that were done last week. I'm very interested to know your opinion on these as well as your overall impression of the phone since you are the first to receive an actual production device that we'll all be getting later this week.

    Thanks! :D
  6. yourfriendmat

    yourfriendmat Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    He ;)
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  7. yngcal45

    yngcal45 Lurker

    In the sprint user guide, it says that you should be able to enable swype (page 34). I think the guide is wrong, but could you check?
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  8. yourfriendmat

    yourfriendmat Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Gotta go to work soon, but I can answer the first one at least. It DOES have Swype. See it in my pictures once they are up.
  9. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns!

    Ok, I know we're all really interested in what yourfriendmat has to say about the phone, but let's hold off with the questions and let him put together some info. THEN we can ask for clarification if there's something he hasn't addressed.

  10. mikemillsjr

    mikemillsjr Lurker

    And look what we have here:

    In the process of begging my GM to let me buy mines NOW!!!

    The other two pics I have to resize, will do after I finish playing with this beauty!

    Attached Files:

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  11. Complex757

    Complex757 Android Enthusiast

    Nice topic, I should get mine tomorrow.
  12. Aaron91RS

    Aaron91RS Member

    Thank Fing God. I've hated NOT having this feature after using my Pre that had it over 2 years ago. About time!
  13. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Android Expert

    What do you mean one of five? Were there some back story about five lucky customers? :)
  14. marctronixx


    yes sprint SP members who entered a contest on the sprint site were able to be picked out of a drawing for 5 htc evo 3ds. its part of their first to try bag...
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  15. bobby2478

    bobby2478 Android Enthusiast

    Ah, well in that case, EXTRA congratulations are in order! I didn't realize YFM won a contest and a free Evo 3D. Congratulations on being one of the lucky winners! :D

    As a side note, while I signed up for the SP drawings for a free Evo as well, I had no anticipation of winning, I can't even manage to win a $5 prize at Bingo lol :cool:
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  16. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Android Expert

    Wow nice! I remember getting that email, and entering one time. Of course I'm not lucky enough to win. :eek:

    Congrats to the winners!!! :D

    You and me both... LOL
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  17. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    Where is the "Thanks but I kind of Hate You!" Button under yourfriendmatt's post? lol totally kidding.... or am I? haha The next day or two are going to be a struggle for the people around me.
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  18. NSXLA

    NSXLA Well-Known Member

    For the love of God make a phone call or two!

    I am glad you have/had an EVO to compared it with, call quality etc!

    TIA! enjoy your new phone!

    okay i can't take it anymore, flashing MikRoms
  19. NeoteriX

    NeoteriX Android Expert

    ...what's that wallpaper you have on your Evo 4G? :)
  20. yourfriendmat

    yourfriendmat Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Anyone know a free screen shot app that doesn't require root?
  21. yourfriendmat

    yourfriendmat Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Just one of the stock ones :) I liked the circles and stuff of the default one, but it was a little too.... colorful for my tastes :p So I saw that one. Still a similar design, but rusty/rugged/manly looking haha.
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  22. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    No - but you can do via adb (a bit painful compared to the likes of ShootMe - but quite doable).

    I _know_ we have updated instructions for this on our forums - but google is not my friend today.

    Meanwhile - see if this helps. If you already have adb, you're mostly there.

    How to take screenshots of your Android based phone from Windows – Simple Help
  23. RichboyJhae

    RichboyJhae Android Enthusiast

    I'm hating you two more and more by the minute.. *Sigh* I guess I'll play peggle....
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  24. yourfriendmat

    yourfriendmat Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Also, Photobucket doesn't like my 5MP images. It keeps resizing them. Suggestions? I've been out of this photo uploading scene for about 8 years now...
  25. you2

    you2 Android Expert

    Have you noticed any of the issues with audio when making phone calls (per reviews) or has the folks you chatted with noticed issues ?
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