Wally World

Android Expert
Dec 28, 2010
Have you noticed any difference with the .602 SBF over the OTA .602? More bugs, glitches, etc?

I used the sbf to .602 and it seemed less stable than the OTA. 3g/data drops, keyboard lagging more, etc. Want to see if anyone else experienced this. thanks.
Yeah, data wipe. That should do it for ya! (see, i just acted like a parrot, but appear smart and knowledgeable. It's good for the mod image. ;) :p)
The only thing that concerns me about the new .602 update is a possible problem with the new root exploit.
I had no issue with the new root exploit. The only problem I had was that I forgot to put my phone in "debugging" mode. :eyeroll: Stupid, I know. ;)