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Users that have used the .602 SBF Please look..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Wally World, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Wally World

    Wally World Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Have you noticed any difference with the .602 SBF over the OTA .602? More bugs, glitches, etc?

    I used the sbf to .602 and it seemed less stable than the OTA. 3g/data drops, keyboard lagging more, etc. Want to see if anyone else experienced this. thanks.

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  2. johnan2112

    johnan2112 Newbie

    It should be exactly the same. I would suggest SBF'ing again and wiping data so you're on a fresh slate.
  3. Wally World

    Wally World Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I will try it again.
  4. Steven58


    Yeah, data wipe. That should do it for ya! (see, i just acted like a parrot, but appear smart and knowledgeable. It's good for the mod image. ;) :p)
  5. cougar214

    cougar214 Android Expert

    The only thing that concerns me about the new .602 update is a possible problem with the new root exploit.
  6. Steven58


    I had no issue with the new root exploit. The only problem I had was that I forgot to put my phone in "debugging" mode. :eyeroll: Stupid, I know. ;)
  7. Wally World

    Wally World Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Should I wipe before or after SBFing or both?
  8. cougar214

    cougar214 Android Expert

    Both. Better to be safe than sorry no?
  9. woodstorm

    woodstorm Android Enthusiast

    Used it last night to get back to Shuji 2.1. Worked great but the CWR is whacked up again...
  10. SimsDelt

    SimsDelt Android Expert

    Go with Rom Manager Recovery and you should be fine.
  11. haevn

    haevn Well-Known Member

    does anyone have the link to the .602 sbf file? thanks
    mhome likes this.
  12. mhome

    mhome Well-Known Member

  13. aaronjohnston

    aaronjohnston Newbie

    Did .602 add mobile wi-fi hotspot under settings or did I just miss it before?

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