Using 2 sms apps together...

Is it possible to use 2 sms apps at the same time (i know that part is possible as I do it now) but only have certain messages show up in each app. ex abby texts and it only shows up in handcent while when dad texts it only shows up in the stock sms app instead of having all messages show up in both?
It seems like it would be possible but Im not sure if anyone has tried it yet, Ive fiddled around with settings and havent accomplished anything yet. Anyone know of a way to accomplish what I want to do? Only have friends messages pop up in some sms app and only family in the 2nd app but be able to specify which person goes to which app.


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That would be possible unless all those third party sms app you install co-operate. It means each of them must expose API for other apps to tell them only intercept which SMS etc.

Mr. Lucky

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I am doing this now (sort of). I have my normal messaging app AWA HeyWire. HeyWire is a free texting application with its own tel#. I use PhoneLeash as the bridge between the two. PhoneLeash allows you to selectively forward to another number, which in my case, co-resides on my phone. Although it works perfectly, this is only a viable solution if you have an unlimited texting plan or if most people will be contacting you via the HeyWire number. Reason? Because you'll burn through your text limit quickly if you forward everything... it doubles your usage (counts as 1 to your cell number and then another 1 to forward out to HeyWire). BTW, you can also configure PhoneLeash to automatically delete the forwarded message from your native app, so you aren't storing two copies.