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Using a Note 3 after cancelling T-Mobile service

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by random255, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. random255

    random255 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi all,

    I was hoping I could get some help here. I currently have T-Mobile service. Unfortunately, there is no signal where I work (basement) and when I'm home I have wifi available. I'm already working a second job to try to get ahead financially, and I'm starting to think that cancelling T-Mobile might be the best way to go.

    Since I have service *right now*, what steps could I take to get this phone working in some fashion or another after dropping T-Mobile? Or is that just not feasible?

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  2. zipred

    zipred Android Expert

    All cellular phones purchased via a carrier like T-Mobile are locked to that carrier. That means the phone only works on that carriers frequency. They are all unique. Therefore you technically cannot move to another carrier. However there is a workaround.

    There's a possibility of getting an unlock code from T-Mobile to allow you to use the phone on AT&T if that interests you. Even less expensive is to unlock the phone and buy service from Cricket Wireless. They were bought out by AT&T and now share their towers. Pricing is exceptionally good and the service is excellent.

    Here's a link. Also ask them about unlocking if T-Mobile is hesitant to help.

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  3. fdbryant3

    fdbryant3 Android Expert

    Depends on how mobile you want your phone to be. If most of the places you hang out have decent Wi-fi you can actually do quite a bit. Hangouts/Voice for VOIP calling and texting, and just straight Wi-fi for almost everything else. Beyond that you might want to look for apps that function offline while your not in range of Wi-fi. It is also handy to know what chains provide free Wifi.

    Otherwise like Zipred said you could look into having the phone unlocked and moved to a carrier that uses AT&T for its network backbone.

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