Using a Stylus with S8+


I understand that the S8/S8+ do not come with a stylus. Very sad .....

However does anyone know it it will work with a third party stylus? The rubber or other tipped ones?

I know a possible silly question but my fingers simply don't accommodate the standard keyboards.

If a reason is important it due to big fingers :)

Thanks in advance


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The rubbery-tipped capacitative stylii work with any phone or tablet.

If you want something more precise you'll have to wait for the Note 8.


I bought a generic fine-tip stylus from China via ebay for my S8. It's functional but inconsistent. It requires USB charging to for my screen to register the strokes, which is doable. Its swappable fine point tips are a great idea, but in practice the strokes are not always registered consistently by my S8 (i.e., a drawn straight line sometimes ends up like a dashed line). If you want to roll the dice yourself and hope for better results, search Ebay for Universal 2.0mm Active Stylus for iPad 2 Samsung Capacitive Screen Touch Pen. Here is a sample listing for the identical product I bought:


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i have one of those .. free pens given away by business.. Cheap stuff...
rubber tip.. with an ink pen inside when you press the button for the pen to push out of the rubber end.

i just tried it on my Samsung s8+... it works fine...
i used it on the Samsung note app that was included.

so any rubber tip stylus should work fine.