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using all 5 home screens to the max?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by realsickclown, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. realsickclown

    realsickclown Member
    Thread Starter

    I am wondering if anybody has found enough apps/widgets to fill all 5 screens? I can't seem to be able to find enough things to yet. Would the performance be hindered any if I was able to do so?woulld it just kill the battery too?

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  2. coasterman927

    coasterman927 Member

    I doubt battery life would be hindered too much, but performance might be. It depends on what you have. Widgets like weather, RSS feeds, etc. can affect the smoothness of scrolling through screens.

    Personally, I have something on all 5 screens. Home screen is the BLUR status, weather, messaging, and news widgets, and shortcuts to the Browser and My Account apps. Left most screen is filled to capacity with shortcuts to games (what can I say? I love my games!), left of the home screen is one big widget for MixZing, my preferred music player. Right most screen is just the Kill All widget for Taskiller, and right of the home screen is Google search, Astrid to-do list, and Calendar.
  3. realsickclown

    realsickclown Member
    Thread Starter

    So why are you running task killer? I thought it was not needed on these devices
  4. coasterman927

    coasterman927 Member

    It is needed, because alot of apps like to stay open. Some apps are nice and have a "Close" function, but others, not so much. I can easily go from 60MB to ~110MB of free memory with one tap of the kill all button. It definitely helps.
  5. realsickclown

    realsickclown Member
    Thread Starter

    I thought the cliq was mode to run many open windows/apps with little or no problems plus the android devices don't run like a desktop with windows,right? Isn't the linux system completly differant than windows and able to to perform many tasks at once without performance loss? Honestly I seem to be running faster with out taskkiller ,,imo
  6. kabbie_mcfeely

    kabbie_mcfeely Android Enthusiast

    I mean no dis-respect but, are you checking this "free memory" via task killer or through the phones system menu ?

    I have been wanting to ask some one this for a few reasons and some people get defensive when you tell them they dont need a task iller.

    1. The Android operating system shuts off apps if the memory becomes low enough to cause issues.

    2. The only way I have been able to incress memory (system menu) is to clear the cache or uninstall apps.

    3. Some apps do run in the background, but all of those you can turn off "sync" for the app and they wont run. example ... Gmail-if you turn off sync it wont run in background.

    4. I used Task Killer and it drained battery because it was always on and took up space I could use for another app.
  7. realsickclown

    realsickclown Member
    Thread Starter

    I got task manager and you can see the phone doing its job granted I am no where certain on any of this. But reading about the OS shined light that thoe task killer may be needed someday if I ever start seeing a masive amount of data being drawn . Also I only have 3/5. Screens active currently. So I guess thanks
  8. coasterman927

    coasterman927 Member

    I don't know about you, but even without the numbers, I definitely notice a difference in performance after I kill everything. Scrolling through screens is the easiest indicator, it'll be choppy scrolling to the screen with the Kill All widget, but I kill everything and bam, smooth as silk.

    And it'll stay that way as long as I don't open a bunch of apps, so I know it's not the background data eating up memory, it's unclosed apps. I have most of the sync features (other than MOTOBLUR) off anyway.

    And I've been checking the memory usage through Taskiller, to answer your question. :p

    Edit: One more thing.. my battery lasts a good 15+ hours with moderate usage. That is, music a lot of the day, texting, Facebook (through the browser), a few calls, etc.
  9. mzteespeak

    mzteespeak Newbie

    So, which task killer are you all using? It may have been mentioned and I may have just missed that portion of the thread.

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