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Using calendar without syncing?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MIKEgogogo, May 3, 2010.

  1. MIKEgogogo

    MIKEgogogo Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have a customer that wants to know is it possible to use the calendar on the phone without having to sync it up with any other source. She doesn't have gmail and does not use outlook, she just simply wants to be able to use the calendar and mark events and notes on days for reminders but when she opens up calendar it tell her that the calendar is not synced up and will not work properly, or something like that.

  2. marvin02

    marvin02 Member

    Is syncing with Google turned off? I have not used the calendar without syncing enabled, but I would think that if syncing is on and there is no google calendar to sync with you would get an error.
  3. NaplesBill

    NaplesBill Well-Known Member

    You can disable calendar sync with Google and still use the calendar. I don't know how you would back up the info that way though.
  4. james27007

    james27007 Look into my Eye

    Since you have to have gmail to use the phone, why not let it back up the appointments? Plus if she deletes the appointment in the phone, it will delete off gmail as well.
  5. NaplesBill

    NaplesBill Well-Known Member

    Actually, you do not have to use gmail to use the phone. You just have to have a google login to use the market. Google mail, calendar and contacts are all optional.
  6. Edwin Drake

    Edwin Drake Lurker


    I own an android, but I bought a super-cheap cellular package whereby I have no internet access. And I don't want it either. I just want to talk and text.

    Meanwhile, I also want to use the calendar. But I can't use it without having an internet access. That seems silly to me. Why does my phone need to talk to the internet just to let me use a calendar?

    How can I get the phone to let me make calendar entries without the internet?


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