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using eclipse how do i change the background color

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by flyhigh427, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. flyhigh427

    flyhigh427 Member
    Thread Starter

    hi how do i change the layout background color?
    there doesnt seem to be a way

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  2. RichSz

    RichSz Not Entitled

    In the layout's XML you can set the property android:background to an RGB value like this "#ffff0000" which is an opaque red. But doing it that way kinda stinks.

    You're better off defining your colors in a colors.xml file then adding resources and using the resources in your layout XML. This page describes it pretty well.


    Oh yeah, I moved this thread to Application Development.
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  3. out of ideas

    out of ideas Android Enthusiast

    Are you talking about an app layout or the layout in eclipse?

    eclipse has theme in the preferences sections. I switched to the black background and its MUUUUUCH easier on the eyes after a few hours.
  4. flyhigh427

    flyhigh427 Member
    Thread Starter

    found the answer finaly >>>how to set the THEME theres a button right above the layout ,,lol ive been tring to change it by changing the back ground color.
    thanks all
  5. flyhigh427

    flyhigh427 Member
    Thread Starter

    i guess black saves on battery life ,right?

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