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Using External Mic no longer works

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by crimson8199, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. crimson8199

    crimson8199 Lurker
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    Just last week I was using the S3 to record audio for a podcast and it usually works. I plug in a Logitech headset-mic (I only plug in the mic as there is one for the headphones and the mic). And normally I can just record using the standard voice recorder. Now for some reason it does not want to do that. I have tried using my Plantronics headset-mic as well and it still only records from the phone's built in mic. If I use the headset mic that comes with the phone, that works. I'm just befuddled as I have 2 S3's and they both used to record with external mics and now fail to do so. I don't recall in recent updates or changes made to the phone. Is there a way to specify to use external mics or a more preferred app?

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  2. BCSFF

    BCSFF Lurker

    I am having a similar issue.

    I have a Motorola Droid(the first)

    been able to use a y adapter to connect my droid to mixers to integrate callers into podcasts. It's been kinda hit and miss.

    But last night I started using a different mixer, its a Digi002 firewire interface for protools. I played around with the ycables forever and was unable to stop the droid from using the onboard mic. I then dugout an RCA video camera cord and used that (the red is the mic) and after a short time of directing the input/output on pro tools i got it to work!

    But now it's tonight. and this new cable is giving me the same issue again. I cannot seem to get the droid to take the external mic input.

    Anyone?? a mixer app that allowed users to change inputs/outputs on android would be perfect, if only to debug to whatever problem was really happening.

  3. BCSFF

    BCSFF Lurker

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