using Handcent text app

I've downloaded Handcent and i've disabled notifications on the default text app. Everytime i get a text though i still have to acknowledge it in both places or it keeps saying i have a message. Is there some way to get around this?

Carl C

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Are you sure you have disabled them on the Default sms properly? Make sure the Vibrate and the Notification box are both un-ticked

I haven't heard anyone with issues with their disabling sms notifications before though :)


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anyone know how to stop the popup window from coming up when your already engaged in a text convo with that person using handcent.. it is hella annoying


I'm having the same problem with handcent. I can't seem to turn off the other unknown sms notification. I've turned off everything in the native app, set handcent as the default, and it's just not making any sense why i receive two notifications. :/