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Using infuse as an "Ipod" only

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jbabbler, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. jbabbler

    jbabbler Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I just purchased an Infuse to use as a replacement to an old Ipod Touch. It will not be getting a SIM card at all. Everything works great but I am wondering if I can turn off the radio portion somehow without shutting off wifi. For that matter, is it even on without a SIM card? Secondly, How can I get rid of the "No SIM card Billboard" on the lock screen? Thanks.

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  2. Ryanscool

    Ryanscool Android Enthusiast

    Hello well i have no idea how to get the banner off the lockscreen, unless installing a different rom may help it. My question for you is where the heck did you get your infuse and how much did it cost? Did you pay full price without a contract? Oh and by the way the radio portion should be turned off. (I have seen it do this because i took my SIM out to get some apps att does not like.)
  3. jbabbler

    jbabbler Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I think you are right about the radio. Without a SIM, it is not on. As for the Billboard, I changed the lock screen to a pattern lock and now it's empty.

    Good to go :D

    I traded for the Infuse with a friend that couldn't get his IT dept to let him put it on their network. They only allow their corporate mail to sync with Blackberry. I gave him a 32gig 3rd gen Ipod touch in trade.
  4. Airplane Mode
    First unlock screen, then hold power (will pop up under Phone Options). It'll kill most of the radios (saves battery) and get rid of the 'no sim' crap.

    While you're in there...

    Deactivate Data Network Mode

    *(may have to restart phone to make 'no sim' go away)

    Now for the fun stuff!
    get this widget...

    (the one by Robert Burger)

    Wifi is your new lifeline. You can do everything every Andorid phone can do. (except use any telcom bloatware: AT&T apps)

    Even make free phone calls over wifi. Do you have a google voice phone number? Get one!

    Then buy this app to make free calls.

    GrooVe IP
    snrb Labs

    Now you're a Wifi-Naught ;)
  5. doug44

    doug44 Newbie

    Do we have a FM radio on the INFUSE 4G ? In this I mean a normal FM tuner which we can receive FM broadcast stations via air waves.

    The reason I bring this to the table is because the OP asked how to turn this off with his phone & I have never seen one with my phone. I do understand about internet radio like Iheart etc. Thank you for any input
  6. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    I think it shipped with fm radio (name of the app) most devices require you have the headphones plugged in ..they also act as the antenna...

    but I also think you may be mistaken...I think he wants to permanently disable the cellular radio
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  7. doug44

    doug44 Newbie

    Okie Doakie Mr Ed, I also thought that but then I couldn't find my decoder ring soooooooo I wasn't for sure :D
  8. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User


    you might check into build prop edits...I know I have seen one of this lines that was something along the lines of require sim=true or yes.... you might edit that to false/no and see if that fixes your notification error

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