Aug 13, 2012
Hello, I have looked on Google for answers, but I just cannot find the complete answer.
My HTC EVO Shift is getting kind of old, and after HTC decided to give up on Android updates, I decided that I should upgrade my phone.
I looked around to find the best phone in both looks and specs, and I found the Arrows X by Fujitsu to be a great phone to try. I was on a vacation to Japan and was able to try the phone out.
The only problem is that obviously, I will use the phone in the USA, so the phone needs to be at least somewhat useable with an American carrier, preferrably 3G, maybe even 4G.
I have read that it is possible to use NTT Docomo carrier phones in America with At&t because both are GSM networks and their signal frequencies are compatible. However, I do not want to spend too much on my phone each month.
So, my questions are:
1. Is the phone I want (Fujitsu Arrows X f-10d for NTT Docomo) possible to use in America?
2. What can I do if I use the phone in America? (3G, 4G, or both?)
3. Is there any way to get the phone on At&t's prepaid plans with 3G and/or 4G in a legit way?


Is there at least any phone in japan compatible with at least one carrier in America?
Uh... any tips?
I am sorry for double-posting, but I need an answer quick so I can buy the phone in Japan before I go back to the USA in a couple of days...
yes it would work on ATT u just need to buy the phone unlocked... i ordered one waiting on delivery.. the f-10d uses the same att 3g hspa frequencies
I just gotta find the unlocked version cheap enough online.
Only if NTT Docomo allowed SIM unlock codes to be bought online...

Cutting the SIM card to be the same size as a FOMA card seems to be the hardest challenge, I might cut straight through all the flash memory of the SIM card on my first try...