using metro pcs or t-mobile for internet


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i was watching a youtube that talked about using t-mobile for getting tv and internet. i have metro so will metro allow this being they are part of t-mobile? when i ust an app that shows me what cell tower i'm on it says t-mobile.

anyway has anyone used one of those kuwfi radio devices to get either metro or t-mobile as there internet and something called binge watching?

the you tube showed how to take a t-mobile sim card and get that kuwfi radio connected to a t-mobile tower and then using something on t-mobile for getting free tv networks like netflix and a bunch of other networks for watching tv.

so using this radio for the network looks easy enough but what plan would someone need to be able to use the internet like having comcast so i would not get data caps. currently i do not get close to them but if i was to get on t-mobile and start using that for tv i'm sure i would be into tons of data. comcast gives me 1054gb before they say i'm at the limit. and i do not watch tv on the internet but for netflix, i'm betting if i watch a lot of netflix that data will go up.

so the youtube told about binge watching and internet. using the kuwfi radio and a t-mobile sim card for the service? can anyone tell me it this will work? using it for internet and that tv watching? for normal local channels we have antenna on the roof but for things like netflix i would want to keep that and if there are other networks maybe some of them. thanks


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I believe you're question pertains to pirating internet and TV?
You wish to circumvent the system, correct???


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no this system uses a t-mobile sim card that you pay for. the youtube i watched said that doing it this way gets you online with about 40 mbps download and 25mbps up load and this radio is your modem to the cell phone t-mobile plan. and this is like 30 to 40$. it is just doing something he called a hot spot but instead of using your phone as the modem you use a device he called a kuwfi radio. and on using that radio you get better speed. at this time my wife has metro and gets 20mbps down and 15mbps up. but this system takes comcast or spectrum out of the plan as you just use the phone systems for your internet.

he show that he gets with that system. plus he talks about a plan called binge tv and i looked that up and they have tons of networks but i have not yet figured out if they are free or paid? if they are included in the t-mobile service then it can be a deal but if you have to pay for them, then it may not be as good as this guy claims.