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Using Nexus One

Discussion in 'Rogers' started by Deleted User, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. Deleted User

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    Alright so it has been exactly a week since I received my Nexus One (Puleen Patel Blog Archive Nexus One is here) and so far I must say, there are very few things which I dislike about it.

    The entire user experience is much faster then the Magic, obviously because of more onboard memory and CPU. The responsiveness of the touch screen is quite good. Sometimes I get too excited and press on the wrong area. Unlike the Magic which had buttons for Call and End, Nexus One does not have these. Similarly, the back, home, and search buttons are not really push buttons but rather pressure sensitive buttons like those on the LG Eve. Only the ones on Nexus are much better and work 100% for the time very effectively.

    Google Maps and Goggles work flawlessly and recently installed the Google Gesture, which is simply shocking. It's genius is all I can say. I've tried the turn by turn directions on a few occasions and it has worked pretty much both the times when I tried it.

    The ability to make BT call by pressing the BT earpiece button once is pretty nice to have again. And more importantly the voice dial feature is awesome. I use the voice dial and Gesture search almost all the time.

    Next for me to try is the voice dictation where it can fill in text by simply speaking what you want to type. I've yet to experiment deeply with this. Just found out about this a few days ago from watching the Google Nexus One support videos.

    The things I don't like are this:

    1. Opera Mini Beta is 100 times faster then the native Browser. I just wish I could make Opera Mini the default browser
    2. When in the phone dialer, in the Magic you could type the person's name using the phone pad and the corresponding digit and the OS will find the person for you. This is not there in Nexus One. I don't know if this was an enhancement done by HTC for MAgic or not. BUt this is one thing I really really really miss.
    3. The other thing I don't like is that in order to turn the screen on, one has to press the "standby" button at the top almost always. There is no other way to turn the screen on. Not even by pressing the track ball. I find this a bit annoying but nothing I can't train myself to doing! ;)

    Apart from that I am really enjoying the decision I made to get a Nexus One and am hoping that I win another Nexus One which would be nice so I can hack it and install a custom ROM on it possibly.

    But most likely, I've been quite successful in convincing my fiance into using the Nexus One as well and she may end up taking the second device which I win. Hopefully I win! :)

    I also tried it out with Bell and worked pretty well. I had both Nexus One and a Bell Galaxy running and configured at the same time to check my Gmail and they both got the emails at the same time. That was neat.

    Over the weekend if I can find some time, I'll head over to the Wind store on Queens Quay and see if they can pop in a Wind SIM card and try out how good their reception and service is. Will keep you all posted.

    Any one else want to share your experience with the Nexus One whether on Rogers, Bell or Telus, do so here.



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  2. Can't write review...playing with my Nexus One.

    On a serious note - after playing with it for a couple hours you'll forget that it's actually a phone.
  3. onlyafterdark

    onlyafterdark Newbie

    One quick question for those of you with an N1, when you are looking at a web page, does double tapping on a piece of text cause the browser to zoom into the text like on the iPhone or does it still over magnify like it does on the Magic?
  4. Overzooms. Pinch to zoom works fine when trying to fit what you want on the screen.
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  5. Akkuzo

    Akkuzo Well-Known Member

    Although I don't actually use Opera Mini as I prefer the Google reader website with flash lite over any of the reader apps like newsrob (and I spend more time on google reader than anywhere on the web), I'm curious why you can't set it as the default.
  6. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery

    pir8, wondering when you have the time, would you be able to tell us how making phone calls are (on Bell) and 3G connectivity and how battery life is for you with your daily usage. Thanks :)
  7. vikingisson

    vikingisson Android Expert

    sweet. I assume you got the version that gets full 3G on Rogers. Have you compared DL speeds, not just rendering speed? Not that it is terribly important for a phone but I giggle everytime I go one tower over and get >5M speeds. Interesting to see if the N1 can squeeze a little more speed.

    The best part is not being tied to a contract or worse having the phone itself tied to a contract. It is still too expensive for my budget since being able to snatch up several non locked down Magics for less money and giving them to my kids and keeping one for testing 2.1. I think by next year these will be more common and can be found for a lot less.

    In the meantime I have the N1 boot up screen on my Magic just to remind me of what a phone should act like vs being branded to a carrier.

    Oh one thing, how well does BT perform besides getting proper voice dialing back? Have you tried it with all radios on? I think there is an interference issue when WiFI is on at least with the Magic. BT on 1.5 is a lost cause, works better on 1.6, but can sometimes still be a bit flaky.
  8. Deleted User

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    Did I understand you right when you said you are running Flash Lite on N1? Or did I just make a huge assumption? :)
  9. Deleted User

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    Roze, I do have a Bell simcard which I am using to test the Samsung Galaxy. I'll use the Bell sim and play around with it a bit and let you know.

    The battery life is pretty good, much better than that of the Magic post sense ui. I am a heavy user of the phone, and despite carrying a spare battery at all times, I must say that at the end of the day the battery doesn't get drained too quickly.
  10. Deleted User

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    vikingisson, I did compare a few times the download speeds using SpeedTest.Net app for Android and the three times which I tried, I was downtown (Front/John) and the download speeds were approximately 3Mb down and 1.15Mb up.
  11. Akkuzo

    Akkuzo Well-Known Member

    Ya sorry, I was just talking about why I don't use opera mini on my magic. I still don't see why you can set it as your default browser though. You should (keeping in mind that I've never touched 2.1...) be able to go to manage applications and click on the stock browser and click "clear defaults." Then the next time something goes to launch the browser it should let you choose a default.
  12. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest
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    The stock browser does not show up in the Manage Applications in 2.1. I think Google has restricted this capability by not creating an intent which can be used to set the default browser to be another application (in this case Opera Mini).
  13. Akkuzo

    Akkuzo Well-Known Member

    Well that's frustrating. Especially with fennec and the full version of opera on their way. I wonder if other 2.1 versions like the desire rom are the same...
  14. onlyafterdark

    onlyafterdark Newbie

    How do you guys feel the N1 compares to the iPhone/ iPod touch in terms of responsiveness? My biggest gripe with my Android Magic is how unresponsive it can be to touch input. Scrolling, pinch to zoom, typing, anything with touch input frequently slows to a crawl even after I force quit using Taskiller.

    Comparing it to my 1st gen iPod touch isnt even a fair fight most of the time, which is why I frequently go back to the iPod to surf the web when I have a wifi signal I can use. I know the hardware will have a lot to do with the speed of the N1, Im just wondering if you still run into massive input slow downs.
  15. damnmad

    damnmad Well-Known Member

    Mr. Sir, know I'm late. Been away for a while :eek:
    @Point2 Yup That's the HTC dialer. Hard to import. Try DialerOne. I like this one better than the HTC Dialer :cool:
    Hope you like it ;)

    EDIT: Planning to root it?

    EDIT2: Hmm.. Yesterday. Actually not so late :D Thought the thread has lived for a few days. Excuse me, got my G1 today :p That's the license not the phone :eek:
  16. Deleted User

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    For the past couple of days I have been relying heavily on the voice-to-text feature on the Nexus One and am absolutely loving it.

    I've been tweeting left right and centre by simply saying what I want to say and not typing it and I am amazed at the level of accuracy.

    Even with the faint indian accent in my voice for certain words/letters, it is almost 99.9% accurate.

    Say good bye to typing from now on. :)
  17. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest
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    To the rest of you on here who have their Nexus One running on Rogers network, I have a question for you. The reason why I ask this quesiton is to eliminate the possibility that this is happening as a result of the Nexus One phone itself.

    The past two days (Saturday & Sunday) I noticed that when people called me they kept getting a "the number you have dialed is not assigned, please check the number and try again" message, repeatedly.

    In fact when I tried calling myself from Skype and from my landline (on Bell) I received the same message. Are any of you Nexus One users experiencing this with Rogers?

    The factors which cause this can be several, but I would like to rule out the combination of Nexus One + Rogers to be one of them. Personally, I have a strong feeling that something on Rogers end is either wrong or incorrect or that it has to do with my SIM card.

    I'm going to try putting my SIM in the Magic this evening and see if the issue persists.

    Thanks in advance for your help and your response.
  18. rioja

    rioja Guest
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    I agree with the voice-to-text, it's suberb! I've been using for email, SMS and FB updates.

    I went though the trouble of installing the HTC keyboard as soon as I got the phone so I could have a compact qwerty, but I haven't had to used it yet. I wasn't expecting the voice features the N1 has.
  19. onlyafterdark

    onlyafterdark Newbie

    Just to save a step for future Nexus One buyers on Rogers, what APN settings did you use?
  20. rioja

    rioja Guest
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  21. Alfredjms

    Alfredjms Newbie

    Pir8 - How do you activate the voice to text feature on the N1, I just received mine and would love to add this feature asap!!


    A :D
  22. Alfredjms

    Alfredjms Newbie

    Pir8 -I'm with Rogers and have not had any of the issues with incoming calls that you mentioned!! My N1 is working flawlessly right now!!!

    Let me know how things work out with yours, and your issues

  23. Wornick

    Wornick Lurker

    Alfredjms - the voice to text is simple and already installed. When you tap a text field and default keyboard comes up and on the bottom row to the left is a pic of a microphone, tap that and speak away.

    I'm pretty impressed with how well it works, even picks up spelling on some slang.

    Pir8 - haven't had any problems with mine on Rogers, been working great. Been using it since the 25th. Rooted mine the first night I had it and have been switching between the Cyanogen & Desire roms :)
  24. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery

    Oh just just out of curiosity, how many of you got your N1 engraved when you ordered it (since you can't return it for the full refund if you do) and did you insure it? :)

  25. Wornick

    Wornick Lurker

    No engraving, was too impatient to wait for it any longer.. as for Insurance, hardly seems worth it, even on a scheduled articles floater with lowered deductible, even if it were to be lost/stolen the premium increase wouldn't justify it for $600... just my 2cents on insurance..

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