Help Using Powerpoint on 2013 Nexus 7

Hi, I wondered if someone might help me? I want to transfer a small Powerpoint presentation from a Windows 7 PC to my Nexus 7. I have hooked u the tablet to the PC via cable and can see it in "My Computer". I have tried to save the file under the "Downloads" folder on the tablet but get an error message "You can't save here. Please choose another location"

Is there an app or anything I need to get or do to achieve this so I can open and show the Powerpoint file on my tablet?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks you in advance!



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Peculiar - though as I never use Windows I can't advise on the solution, but it seems odd (I just copy stuff over USB to wherever I want it from my Mac). Have you tried putting it in a different folder?

Or if it's a small ppt you could you email it to the Nexus.

There are various apps that can view PowerPoint files on an android tablet - most of them have "office" in the name, or there is also Microsoft's own PowerPoint app. You may have one already installed. It won't make any difference to the USB copying thing, but you need something in order to view the file once you have it there.
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Thanks for the reply....I've actually solved it but in an odd way....I put Powerpoint on my Nexus and emailed myself the Powerpoint thing which opened up in the app and allowed me to save it locally.


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That's weird. Not used Nexus before since aftermarket support is quite poor in my country for Nexii, but on Samsung, Lenovo, and other Android devices I encountered I could transfer files from my Windows PC no issues. Did you try a different folder?