Using System Storage?

Hi. I've recently purchased a Kyocera Hydro Life from MetroPCS seeing that it offers 5GB of internal storage. So I started downloading big apps like Real Racing 3. When it asked to update, it said that iI don't have enough memory. It seem to only be letting me use the "User Storage (1GB)" and not the "System Storage(5GB)" Does anyone know how to use "System Storage"?


Not sure if you figured this out as you posted this at the beginning of the month but I figured I'd let you know what I found out.

If you go into settings, apps, swipe to the left or right until it says "on sd card" at the top" and if there's a check mark beside the app then that app is installed on the "sd card" (for whatever stupid reason they implemented a virtual sd card on this phone). Just select any apps that have a check mark and it should open up the properties for that app and you should be able to select "move to phone". For some reason, on some games they're not moving ALL the files. Someone else who knows more about the Android OS would have to chime in to explain this.

Hope this helps!