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Using Tasker to fix Headset Music Autostart Issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kida, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. kida

    kida Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I know many have the Droid issue where the music app will automatically start and play with certain headsets. It seems this is related to some headsets causing an erroneous media button event when plugged, unplugged or moved.

    I understand that rooted users can use the Autostarts app to disable the music app from starting. This is for non-rooted users who are looking of an alternative.

    I've created a few Tasker scripts that seem to eliminate the problem. First I created a task that runs an android media stop command and displays a popup so I know when the event occurs. Then I created 2 profiles that use this task. Media button play and media button next. Both profiles have grab and stop checked. This seems to stop the music player from starting when a headset sends a bad event to my droid.

    I'm wondering if anyone else using Tasker for this purpose? Or have other ways of addressing the issue.

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  2. s2k52

    s2k52 Lurker

    I'm also using Tasker to deal with the automatic starting of the music player app, though I've taken a different approach. The main problem for me is that when I unplug the headphones the music app sometimes starts playing at high volume - embarrassing when at work.

    I created a Tasker profile with a context for the Headset Plugged state. On entry to the state it sets the media volume to 5, and on exit (i.e. when I pull out the headphone jack), it sets the volume to 0. So, even if the music app starts, the sound is muted.

    The standard music player isn't an app I use any more as I download and listen to my music using Spotify. In fact the problem only started when I began using Spotify but it's otherwise such a good service that I'm not going to stop using it. So, I created another Tasker profile for when the standard music player starts. It sets the volume to 0, kills the music app, and notifies me. However, this only seems to work if I manually start the app and not when it's started automatically. I've not yet discovered why this is the case.

    I'm going to try the things you mentioned to see if they provide a better solution than turning down the volume automatically.
  3. kida

    kida Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I received a replacement droid last week. the headset problem no longer occurs with the new droid. also, my outdoor screen brightness is improved. i guess they addressed some issues as production of the droid progressed.
  4. ghmerrill

    ghmerrill Member

    Holy cow! Thanks for posting this! It always annoyed me when I would be watching a movie on my phone, and plug in the headset, and a music track would start playing over the movie. This tip cleared that problem up.
  5. 3mar84

    3mar84 Newbie

    thanks for mentioning this problem because im facing the same issue, i tried to uninstall the Music App but as a system default i couldn't find a way to uninstall it. can you plz explain in simple words how to do what u mentioned? it causes a lot of embarrassment to me when i unplug my headset

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