Aug 21, 2022
I am attempting to use the Custom Vision feature of Microsoft Azure by exporting the data for TensorFlow Lite. I am able to use Custom Vision & export the labels.txt & model.tflite files successfully with no problem, my problem is figuring out how to write the app & use TensorFlow Lite in Xamarin.Android (NOT Xamarin.Forms) & C# (NOT Java). I found the following page:

Image Classification with TensorFlow Lite & Azure Services - Xamarin Blog (

However, this page seems to use Xamarin.Forms, and I am obviously missing some of the steps when attempting to convert it to Xamarin.Android. I have added the following additional NuGet packages (if there are others please let me know):


I have written many Xamarin.Android apps before, so I am familiar with most stuff usually involved in a Xamarin.Android app using C#. Can anybody help me or suggest a site with a complete example or tutorial (including required NuGet packages required for TensorFlow Lite)? (NOTE: I am using Visual Studio 2022, NOT Android Studio) Thanks!