Root Using the new lordmod @1.9ghz


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Won't this damage my processor?

Seems awfully high to me!

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Maybe not initially, but certainly running at that speed constantly will shorten the life of the handset. I know some folk say they can run at that speed all the time, but despite being the same, each phone is different (does that even make sense? :p) so it may be fine for some folk, but it could fry yours instantly.

Sods law though, I go back to CM7 on Sunday, flash his 6.9.2 kernel and he releases a new one the day after. I'll probs give this one a miss and flash his the next release.

Anyway, using the Brazillian Wax Governor and the default speeds (230-1075MHz) is fast enough for me.


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The extra heat generated by overclocking is the bit you need to worry about, as it can age or even damage components of the phone. Certainly your battery. So it depends on your individual phone like El said, as well as the temperature that day and if you're uisng a case, etc.

Your best bet is to try out different speeds and find a comfortable medium.