Root using trwp to copy settings from one phone to another


im trying to use TRWP to made clones of one of my ZTE awe's. I booted into TWRP and made a backup to an external sdcard, put that SD card in a different ZTE Awe, but when I go to restore, the screen is blank (i switched the toggle to externad sdcard

any ideas why this isnt working?


Lordvincent 90

It's because the serial numbers are different.

You will find the backup in /TWRP/backup/<your devices serial number>/

If you want to restore the backup to the new device, first create a backup with the new device. This will create the proper folder for that device. Now copy the backup from the previous device into the new devices folder and it should show up and you will be able to restore it. :)


Android Enthusiast
Good advice. Wasn't aware of that. I only have one of these awesome phones but if I seem them cheap enough again will buy more for my friends and family as I love this phone. To bad it doesn't take a sim card though lol