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Oct 31, 2009
Southern California
Has anyone rooted their EVO using unrevoked for linux? I'm attempting to do so, but it's not quite working. I downloaded unrevoked 3 for linux and it started up fine. I put my Evo in debug mode and started the unrevoked process. The process seemed to start okay, and I ended up in the hboot screen. However, when I scroll down to the hboot usb option it seemed to be looking for pcdiag.xx (goes by too quickly). After a few seconds it just came back to the default hboot screen. I also got the following in my linux terminal:

unrEVOked recovery reflash tool
git version: 4f78f67
ERROR: n = -1, errno = 19 (No such device)

What am I missing? Everything I read indicates that all I need to do is run the unrevoked program. Is there something else I need to have?
no experience with linux and unrevoked but usb drivers come to mind. does unrevoked supply usb drivers for the evo for use on linux?
Supposedly no drivers need to be installed on linux for this process. I know I can mount the EVO as a hard drive with no problems. I just watched a video that may help. I put my EVO in "charge only" mode when I connect to the computer. In this particular video, the guy was using unrevoked for windows and he put the EVO in "HTC Sync" mode so it could be mounted as a drive. Perhaps unrevoked is attemting to copy a file to the EVO and can't since I have it in "charge only" mode? I'll try a different mode and see what happens.
Actually, I figured out (with the help of someone over on XDA) what was happening. I swapped in the 16 gig sd card I had in my hero and it seems unrevoked wasn't liking the format. I backed up my files and reformatted the card and ... voila! I am now rooted and trying out myn's rom.
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