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[UTILITY][1-CLICK-ROOT] Speedy Root Utility

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CNexus, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. CNexus

    CNexus Newbie
    Thread Starter

    You've been waiting patiently for it and it's finally here.
    Welcome to the


    Code (Text):
    1. Combination of easiest methods
    2. Integrated Console
    3. All-in-one root
    4. 99% Automization (e.g. Not possible to detect fully booted phone through adb/shell)
    5. Logging enabled for easy debugging
    6. Will be updated periodically (as, and if, new versions are released)


    Q. Will this root the latest OTA (2.77.651.8)?
    Yes. This utility supports all releases of Android for the Evo Shift[/CODE]

    Q. Does this work on Linux?
    Mostly. I am still ironing out a couple bugs, but since this is written in java, a large chunk of the work is already taken care of by that.[/CODE]

    Q: My phone goes into a bootloop after rooting 2.3.4. Did I do something wrong?
    No. That is supposed to happen. Assuming you already have the downgraded PG06IMG.zip on the root of your sdcard, you can immediately click "OK" in my utility when prompted so that it takes you to the bootloader to downgrade. If not, you need to turn off your phone, get the PG06IMG.zip on the sdcard and then manually go into bootloader (Power off/Battery pull then Power + VolDown)

    Rooting 2.2
    1. Downloads adb_window or adb_linux depending on your OS
    2. Download the root2.2.zip file
    3. Download the utility.jar file
    4. Place the adb files into the same folder as the jar
    5. Extract the root2.2 folder into the same directory as the jar (see picture). DO NOT RENAME THE FOLDER TO ANYTHING BUT "root2.2" OR IT WILL NOT WORK.
    6. Run the utility thoroughly following ALL prompts and prerequisites

    Rooting 2.3.3
    1. Run the 2.3.4 RUU (either one, preferably the 2.77.651.3 version)
    2. Follow the instructions for rooting 2.3.4
    Note: There is a method for rooting 2.3.3 but 1) I couldn't test it (no RUU found) and 2) This way you get updated software as well.

    Rooting 2.3.4
    1. Follow steps above for rooting 2.2
    2. Download the root2.3.4.zip and extract the FOLDER into the same directory as the utility (same way as with root2.2 folder)
    3. Run the utility throughly following ALL prompts and prerequisites

    Folder structure
    -Inside "speedy root" folder
    ---utility jar file (name it whatever you want)
    ---adb.exe (no .exe extension if on Linux)
    ---root2.2 (extracted .zip)
    ---root2.3.4 (extracted zip)

    Note: This post will not be updated anymore. Visit the original XDA thread for the most recent version.

    Original XDA thread HERE

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  2. CNexus

    CNexus Newbie
    Thread Starter



    All Files Here: http://d-h.st/users/CNexus/?fld_id=7741
    Take the most recent version of the utility.
  3. CNexus

    CNexus Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Code (Text):
    2. 11/26/12 -
    3. [LIST]
    4. [*]Added support for Linux. Still a couple bugs, but they will be ironed out quickly.
    5. [/LIST]
    6. Note: Must give adb and md5sum executable permissions for it to work.
    8. 11/22/12 -
    9. [LIST]
    10. [*]Initial build released, tested from all software versions
    11. [*]Integrated console added
    12. [*]Logging added
    13. [/LIST]
  4. jdjohn

    jdjohn Lurker

    I read several different ways to root 2.3.4, watched YouTube videos as well, and this is by FAR the easiest method.

    It's not mentioned, but you will need HTC Sync or some other way to get the drivers installed before starting this process.

    It may seem obvious, but you HAVE to setup your working folder just like the 'Folder Structure' shown in the instructions. I did not add md5sum.exe in the folder (since it wasn't included in the download), but it didn't seem to matter.

    I didn't realize it at first, but running the utility properly the first time will get you down to 2.2, and then you run the utility AGAIN to get 2.2 rooted.

    Also after running the utility the first time, I renamed the 'root2.3.4' folder just to make sure the utility didn't try to access the folder again. I don't know if that made a difference or not, but everything worked fine that way.

    Great work, and thanks for this one-click solution!
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  5. CNexus

    CNexus Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Like the post says, you should have checked the post on XDA, it's updated from this and includes all of that information.
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  6. Okay, nub question: When it says to run the RUU for 2.3.4, what exactly am I supposed to do here?
  7. CNexus

    CNexus Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I would strongly recommend making an account over at XDA. Even though I do monitor my thread.here as well, the one over there is updated from this and its also better to keep everything togetherin one place. Thanks :thumbup:

    Now, first read up on what an ruu is. After that, go to htcruu.com and go to evo shift (codename speedy) and download the ruu that has the numbers "2.77.651.3" (without quotes). Run that with your phone connected and then head over to XDA to read the latest and most updates post, as well as downloading the latest files

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