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v5.1.1 GamerROM ULTIMATE 2 v1.0 For SM-T237P Updated: 7/14/17

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Deleted User, Jul 14, 2017.

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    Today we are releasing our first OS the Samsung GALAXY Tab 4 SM-T237P, as a developer i was very excited to have this tablet in my hands not only for my own amusement, but to build a gaming OS that can beat other OS and never have any issues, experience a NEW Stock OS with no bloatware, and Unique features, however their are somethings we have you aware of, some may not understand, amd if you can't understand i cannot help as i also run a YouTube Channel and cannot be in two places at once:


    • Philz Advanced ClockworkMod Recovery (included within Link)

    • Samsung GALAXY Tab 4 Model: SM-T237P

    • Battery at 50% or higher

    • Latest Baseband and Bootloader version from Samsung (nothing lower)

    Compressed ZIP Includes:

    OS Backup for Philz ACWM

    •Instructions on where to place the folder in the zip in for install

    Important Warning:

    As a developer devs can make mistakes and can cause your device to bootloop, be aware all users are responsible for all damages in any form that ouccurs from installing our OS, this warning doesn't mean the OS wont work an break your device, is to place a caution to none experienced users who just entered the Custom ROM Scene, so if something does happen don't leave a bad co,ment about it, unless it's a current problem with every user a new patch may come out at anytime to fix those issues.

    Download: https://gamerrom.jimdo.com/samsung-galaxy-tab-4/

    If you saw a post saying "Not Valid" i was upset that AF's Underline button won'tdisable it so i did that so i can just create this post without the underline font!

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    Your welcome
  3. NateRLZ

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    Im running into a problem where my wifi isnt connecting when i turn it on it instantly turns off and i dont have data on the device anymore so i cant get past the setup wizard how do i fix this
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    Have you installed the latest basebands and firmware updates to thebtablet, this us what this OS was built from

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