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Vegas Reception

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by darksandz93, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. darksandz93

    darksandz93 Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys, i just spent the weekend in vegas for some r&r and i noticed that i had HORRENDOUS signal everywhere! in most hotels (especially planet hollywood) i had no bars or a "G" where it should be edge or 3G. was on edge 90% of the time and when i was miraculously on 3G it was 50kbps at most on the speedtest app. The reason why im surprised is because i was there 2 years ago on my sidekick LX and the Edge was FAST. Also isnt vegas supposed to have the new HSPA+ network too??? Tried rebooting and everything but a no go, same with my brothers vibrant. Anyone else have the same problem??

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  2. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Android Enthusiast

    I work at the Palms and reception is decent til I go to the basement then I get none but this place is set up with Verizon for their business phones so they have boosters everywhere here to keep signal strong. Could be the case in other Hotels here. Tmo just needs to expand in that area.
  3. Oblaat91

    Oblaat91 Newbie

    I'm usually stuck on edge here too especially around the suburbs but i usually do have full 3G around the MGM and Luxor.
  4. mahgnillig

    mahgnillig Newbie

    Mine seems to work fine... I only notice it dropping to Edge when I'm in my house. I drive around Vegas a lot (work for the city) and don't have any issues with dropped connections wherever I decide to take a break. I even get a good signal on Mt. Charleston!
  5. heybk

    heybk Member

    i was on verizon last winter when i was in vegas on vacation and had 3g and full bars everywhere, my friends on tmobile however weren't so lucky..
  6. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Android Enthusiast

    Around town im pretty good. Never dropped a call but i do get bad reception in places like Mountains Edge, but i think everybody does there. People i know there that have AT$T have to get that thing that looks like a router in their house to boost their signal so they dont drop calls.
  7. DroidDavi

    DroidDavi Well-Known Member

    i live in vegas and work in a casino and i get 3g and 3 to 4 bars but when i go out to other casinos i get bad service there are alot of electronic interference i believe
  8. kbohip

    kbohip Well-Known Member

    I was in Vegas back in February. We stayed at Encore at Wynn and my wife's G1, as well as my old Samsung phone got horrible coverage. We had a room facing the strip too. It's strange, you'd think that all the cell phone service providers would want their coverage to be perfect in a spot like the Vegas strip where so many people from across the country visit on a daily basis. Instead the coverage is as bad as the mountains here in Colorado.
  9. Rockies

    Rockies Lurker

    I also just got back from a Vegas Vacation and was pretty bummed with the 3G coverage. I also stayed at Planet Hollywood (Bellagio Fountain View Room) and did not have any problems getting 3G in the room, however it was a crap shoot while walking in the Casino area. I would say that I got 3G service about 50% of the time while in and out of the casino areas. I must say that the HSPA+ network was speedy when available. While playing poker at the MGM, a player next to me had the new Iphone 4 and we did a speed test. We both uploaded yahoo at the same time and the Vibrant pretty much blew the Iphone 4 away. The phone is great, but I am really getting tired of losing 3G and bars in the Colorado area. Might be returning this one for the Verizon Fascinate when it comes out. I had Verizon service before and switching to Tmobile so far has not been good. Glad I got it from Costco - 90 day return policy.

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