Root velocity .3 or froyo

I am currently running velocity .3 shoumd I upgrade to the froyo ?


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I completely agree with Scrillex. Use Trident's guide to update and root. Then install Velocity V1.0. You have never seen performance like this on your phone. Trust me it is worth the time.


I agree 100%......velocity3 is....was nice and quick. But 2.2.1 and velocity v1.0 amazingly fast. After upgrade and root then rom. Its not even like the same phone.


Definitely update to Froyo and Velocity 1.0. I was unsure about upgrading to Froyo at first. But, when Velocity 1.0 came out, I jumped on it and am sooooo glad I did. IMO, best ROM to date. It's the only one, so far, that has been a vast improvement for me. Not knocking any of the developers. You all do great work!