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Velocity install failing

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by StephenDC, May 24, 2011.

  1. StephenDC

    StephenDC Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have searched for 2 days now and have yet to find a thread referring to a similar issue. I know I cant be the only one. Perhaps I using incorrect phrases or terms when I'm conducting my searches.

    The issue:

    • After using clockwork rom manager to go into recovery, back up, wipe all data (including dalvik),and installing from zip.. the following occurs:
    • The zip file will initialize, a few prompts will quickly and briefly appear, then it shows a status bar and it says installing. This all happens with in a second or two and then it just reverts back to the main recovery screen.

    I have formated my sd card, partitioned it, I DL'd multiple copies of the velocity rom to make sure it wasn't a bad DL. I keep getting the same result.

    I am rooted. My Ally is running 2.2.2 but I haven't read anyone stating that you can't install V 1.1 if your already running 2.2.2.

    I just can't figure out what I'm missing and/or doing wrong.

    Any and all suggestions are appreciated.


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  2. netizenmt

    netizenmt Android Enthusiast

    Well, this is only a guess, but I would say that since Velocity 1.x is based on 2.2.1, trying to install it on top of 2.2.2 could possibly be the issue. Also, using Clockwork Recovery Mod is not recommended. You might need to use the guide to go back to 2.2.1 and then install Velocity 1.x. OR wait until Velocity 1.2 is released as the rumor is that it will be based on 2.2.2.
  3. KingOfGreen

    KingOfGreen Android Expert

    First off this is something that is better off posted in the all things root section. You can flash velocity over 2.2.2 use ROM manager to flash alt. Recovery. Clockwork doesn't play wok with the ally. Maybe that will work but you shoot be able to flash with clockwork.

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