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[Verizon] Ak47 rom

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SweatyPits, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. TexDaddy57

    TexDaddy57 Well-Known Member

    I was hoping someone with a lot more experience would have answered this. I would have liked to have known how to correct it should it happen to me, or help others...I havent turned the stereo on in my car in...well, years I think. My car is the only place I can go to get quiet time. Very noisy job, music on all the time at home. My Bluetooth works as it should paired with my gps for calls and reading texts to me.
    Hope ya find your answer....

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  2. fam

    fam Android Enthusiast

    Yeah BT works for me for calls...just not music (plays from phone) It's something odd....if im listening to music on headphones and if I get a notification, the music then starts playing through the phone AND headphones...I didnt know it and wife yelled at me because she was watching tv....I love this rom...battery life and speed....its sad but ill probably have to jump ship for a cure.
  3. TexDaddy57

    TexDaddy57 Well-Known Member

    For those who want to know, Latest update as of April 16. Pretty solid and smooth ROM. 1 of the 2 I bounce back and forth with.
  4. TexDaddy57

    TexDaddy57 Well-Known Member

    There has been an update, or 3 on this ROM. Latest as of 4-27. Very smooth and the only thing I have had an issue with so far is the user dictionary doesn't remember shi.....words. Tons of minor fixes that this user didn't know needed fixed. imho its worth a try...
  5. TexDaddy57

    TexDaddy57 Well-Known Member

    2 new updates on this ROM just this month. Very smooth phone, found nothing that has not worked and not a single force close.

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