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Verizon Alltel Merger & Droid

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by nboeing, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. nboeing

    nboeing New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jun 21, 2010
    About a month ago I bought a new Moto Droid, since my old HTC Touch Pro crapped out. I was on an old Alltel plan and wanted to keep that plan since none of the Verizon plans can match that plan. The Verizon rep told me that I could still upgrade and keep that plan and still upgrade and get the promotional pricing. Now in the Alltel plan I had 1000 text messages per month were included with my plan. When I get my first bill after the switch I notice that my 1000 text messages a month are gone and they are charging me 20 cents a message. I talk to the people in the Verizon store and they tell me that because I was now using Verizon equipment I had to use a Verizon text messaging plan. Since there was no way of me knowing this they credited back all of the extra text messaging charges and gave me the option of getting three months of text messaging for free and then paying $15 a month for 1000 text messages or returning my Droid and going back to my old Alltel equipment and plan. Has anyone else who was originally an Alltel customer had problems with this, or does anyone know a way that I can get around this to get my 1000 text messages back. I can't go back to my old Alltel equipment because my old Alltel phone broke, and I also love my Droid.


  2. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    Oct 28, 2009
    Graduate Research Assitant | That part time IT guy
    3rd Rock
    Get a Google Voice invite from someone (Sorry, all used up on mine) and then you can get unlimited free SMS through Google Voice, now with Push notification (meaning it is just as fast at notifying you as your Verizon SMS is).

    Best of both worlds - don't pay VZW for the 1000 *and* get your SMS.
  3. Rodeojones

    Rodeojones Well-Known Member

    Apr 21, 2010
    Bloomer, WI
    I'm a former Alltel customer as well. My wife and I upgraded to Droids (she got the Eris) back in January. We were given the option of choosing a new Verizon plan or keeping our existing Alltel plan (we were told we would be "grandfathered in" and could keep our plan for as long as we want). Because there are features that the Alltel plan has that Verizon plans didn't have (or charged more for), we kept the Alltel plan. We've got 4 phones on our plan (two are non-smart phones) and we'd been Alltel customers for 6 years prior to the Verizon buyout. Though the years Alltel had given us little extra for being loyal customers and having paid our bill on time. For example, we have 12 My Circle numbers (I think Verizon calls them Friends and Family but I still call them My Circle). And my phone, as the primary line and account holder, also was randomly given an additional 250 anytime minutes for free about 4 years ago. We also have the Alltel Family Plan that allowed for the choice between 1000 text messages per month per phone or the option of having your night/weekend minutes start at 7pm rather than 9pm (Verizon doesn't offer this as an option, even for an additional fee). Even though we're Verizon customers, we still have our old Alltel plan and haven't had any issues with billing.
  4. Mr. Yuck

    Mr. Yuck Active Member

    Dec 16, 2009
    Hmmmm.....I could be wrong, (my memory sucks sometimes), but I seem to recall receiving a letter from Verizon stating if we stayed w/ them after the merger we would have to change to a Verizon plan. Doesn't matter in my book. Our monthly bill is exactly the same under Verizon as it was under Alltel, and all our features are the same.....plus we actually get some decent selection regarding phones. Alltel's phone selection was crap!
  5. kokiangel

    kokiangel Well-Known Member

    Nov 12, 2009
    Helena, Alabama
    nboeing, if you need a google voice invite let me know.
  6. mobrienjr

    mobrienjr Well-Known Member

    Mar 14, 2010
    I came from alltel, and was offered to keep my plan, but I changed to a family plan. Did the text and talk w/ unlimited text for $119 a month. It helps I get 25% discount from my employer...I would suggest anybody with a corporate email account to check to see if they receive an employer discount
  7. gruss

    gruss Well-Known Member

    Feb 16, 2010
    They lie! I'm still on an Alltel plan ;) What is possible though is that you had that promotional 1000 minute 1000 txt plan they had a while ago and vzw says its "not compatible" thier equipment. That happened on our company account, we had a bangin txt plan with alltel and still have it on the alltel phones but have to pick a vzw txt plan when moving to vzw equipment. That should have popped up IMMEDIATELY on the sales guy screen...it does on the website.
    Luckily they still honor the unlimited from the smartchoice packs and some other dumbphone plan that was available for a while.

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