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[Verizon] Any chance for 4.3 custom ROMs?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by darkcyber, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. darkcyber

    darkcyber Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Has everyone completely jumped ship? Or is there a slight chance we might get a 4.3 custom ROM? :D

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  2. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin'

    I think CyanogenMod has an unofficial build out thus far.
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  3. z0mb13m4n

    z0mb13m4n Android Enthusiast

    I'm hoping for the same thing. I'm stuck with my gNex for the foreseeable future so some 4.3 goodness would be nice.

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  4. iwoloschin

    iwoloschin Well-Known Member

    It has been pretty quiet in here lately. With the Moto X being kind of a bust (for folks here at least) it might pick back up again, at least until something new drops. I'm mostly curious about the Note 3, which is only another month away from an announcement, though it's uncertain when VZW will actually have any...
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  5. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin'

    Well, the Gnex is approaching 20 months in life. This is about the time developers and users start moving to new devices if they haven't already. If I had a GSM gnex, I probably would have used it longer, but I couldn't stand Verizon any longer. I felt dirty being a customer of theirs. I still have my Gnex though and use it for an mp3 player due to having less storage on the Nexus 4. And it's even completely stock :eek:
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  6. skiflyer

    skiflyer Well-Known Member

    Carbon says they're working on it, CM has some builds, I'm pretty confident that the custom roms are coming.

    I'm using FTL from XDA forums, it's got one or two really simple customizations baked in, but for the most part it's stock - and I have to say, I miss my customizations, but I'm still really happy with it compared to 4.2.2
  7. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique

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  8. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    I'm feeling confident there'll be some roms. If nothing else, customizable toggles and a few of the more standard features most roms come with.
  9. LTek1

    LTek1 Member

    Guys, check out XDA and Rootz. There are roms. I've got a clean "stock" 4.3 running right now, and it's the best my phone has ever worked. I'm going to try out one of the CM based, and probably JDX, as I miss lock screen targets and such.

    So the devs are still playing with the GNex; there's just not a lot of chatter about it here in this forum.
  10. Outatime

    Outatime Android Expert

    I could have sworn I read somewhere that AOKP was going to do a 4.3 ROM for the GNex.
  11. jmar

    jmar Nexican

    Me too.

    With Nexus devices that can run 4.3, the TRIM feature is going to breathe new life into these devices in a way that no former custom ROM could.

    Basically, TRIM is going to clean your internal storage on a 24hr basis when your device has 80%+ battery life remaining. So, the lag seen on the GNex and the 1st Gen Nexus 7 will be diminished by this new stock Android feature. My 1st Gen Nexus 7 feels new and hasn't felt differently since (I'll report back if I find otherwise).

    I would imagine that the final major OS update the GNex, and for that matter, the 1st Gen Nexus 7 will see, is Android 5.x.x. That's just my guess, though. No stone throwing please. :D

    Nice to own a Nexus, aye?

  12. teddyearp

    teddyearp Android Expert

  13. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Couple different builds of 4.3 Paranoid over at xda. Released today and yesterday.
  14. teddyearp

    teddyearp Android Expert

    The latest JDX build with a thread here is 4.3 based.
  15. bsems1000

    bsems1000 Android Enthusiast

    Along wit JDX, the formerly known "sourcery" posted this morning that they're baking up a new ROM called 'Believe'. And its going to run 4.3 of course, and will have little bells and whistles I assume. In fact, the BETA may be listed up there (the latest sourcery thread) right now, i didnt follow the link yet though so i cant confirm.
  16. Dabitz

    Dabitz Android Enthusiast

  17. comk4ver

    comk4ver Newbie

    Droid concepts developer Davros is all working on a 4.3 port of his ROM. Should be any day now. Check him out at the droid hive or droid forums.
  18. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    I tried this early on and it was glitchy. Running it again now and it's real solid so far.
  19. TritonDroid

    TritonDroid Well-Known Member

    Tried this and thought that I had a bad build or something with data not working. I am clearly not as smart as you!

    Am running a 4.3 called crDroid. Seems smooth it is a hybrid CM 10.2 with additional features from various ROMs.
  20. darkcyber

    darkcyber Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    So, looks like we don't have any links in the ROM section here to any 4.3 ROM's.

    Looks like over the last few weeks several have posted about this and that ROM. So, what 4.3 ROM's are out there right now that actually work?
  21. darkcyber

    darkcyber Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I installed cdDroid 10.2 (4.3) and cannot find the "USB Debugging" and since I don't have enough posts to post in the XDA forum yet...anyone got a clue where "USB Debugging" is located at in this ROM?

    Also, anyone know how to get the data speed to display on the nav bar, like in the pictures of the ROM?
  22. TritonDroid

    TritonDroid Well-Known Member

    About phone in settings and tap build number 7 times, this will open dev options to enable debug.

    Interface-status bar for network speed.
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  23. darkcyber

    darkcyber Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Thanks! I finally figured it all out while out on the road today. Had to switch back to my old ROM...had to many apps that were force closing on this ROM. :(
  24. teddyearp

    teddyearp Android Expert

    Give me some time, I'll get them up
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