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[Verizon] [APP] SPlanner Full Screen Calendar widget Suite

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by prerunnerseth, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. prerunnerseth

    prerunnerseth Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    *****************Must have rooted phone for this to work******************
    *****************Like any other Samsung TW widget this does not work with after market launchers************

    Ok , I seem have solved my issues with the full screen calendar widget I ported over from the Sprint GN2.

    The APK is deodexed so I just had to rename the original .odex file to something else.


    1. Download the SPlannerAppWidget.apk and copy to your phone.
    2. Using root explorer, Mount the System - App folder as R/W
    3. Rename the original SPlannerAppWidget.apk to be SPlannerAppWidget.bak
    4. Rename the original SPlannerAppWidget.odex to be SPlannerAppWidget.oder (Skip this step if you are already running a deodexed rom)
    5. Copy the downloaded SPlannerAppWidget.apk to your System - App folder
    6. Mount your app folder as R/O
    7. Reboot you phone

    **********This works fine on my rooted Verizon Galaxy Note II. I am Not responsible if you mess your phone up.




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  2. JoJoCal19

    JoJoCal19 Member

    This is the single most important thing to me that VZW took away. Stoked to have it back.
  3. Alice Kaye

    Alice Kaye Well-Known Member

    Thank you. After going through some ADB circles with a friend, we finally followed your directions (not sure why he said ADB was easier, it really was not at all) and it worked like a champ!

    So glad to have this missing piece back.

    Screw you Verizon, I've got my calendar widget! <3
  4. Alice Kaye

    Alice Kaye Well-Known Member

    I wonder if we can get the missing click widget too... That would be awesome.

    (Sorry for double post.)
  5. JoJoCal19

    JoJoCal19 Member

    Do you know if this includes the S planner agenda widget too?
  6. alvarez13

    alvarez13 Newbie

    I followed the directions and reset. I don't get a new calendar widget after all is said and done. What am I missing? Do you have to install the apk somehow?

    Anyway you could do this with the email widgets too? I can't find them online, but assume the process is similar.
  7. alvarez13

    alvarez13 Newbie

    Do I have to be using TWiz launcher? I'm currently on apex and notice my weather widget is gone too. Maybe that's the problem.
  8. prerunnerseth

    prerunnerseth Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    YES.. you must be using the TWiz launcher. It's in the instructions, but I will bold it to make it stand out.
  9. Lodingi

    Lodingi Well-Known Member

    Worked like a charm. Thanks for sharing.

    What else is missing?
  10. sanman1185

    sanman1185 Member

    Worked like a charm, literally under 1 min to do using root explorer... thanks
  11. pacedrum69

    pacedrum69 Well-Known Member

    Worked 100% perfect :)

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