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[Verizon] assist with a few things, gallery, cm, or stock

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jason.stimmel, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. jason.stimmel

    jason.stimmel Member
    Thread Starter

    Looking for assistance on a few things.

    First off I'm on us version vzw s3, rooted running plasma 8 rom, Android 4.1.2, TWRP recovery.

    1. Looking for the gallery app that's in either the s4 or 4.3 update with the icon of a yellow flower, specifically in the app at the top you can create an album then move pics to that album.
    I have 2 gallery apps and 1 album app, none of which have that feature. They will create albums on their own for Facebook, text, download and such. But nothing I can create and move pics to.

    Anyone have a link for that apk?
    Then once installed do I need to delete or bak the other galleries and where do I find them?

    2. I would like to try the ROM CM. The easy cm installer is not supported for my phone. So I'm looking for a good direct link that will work to a stable build that has everything I need ( gapps) or multi links. That will get me android 4.3.
    I tried cm 10.2 (175mb) but no luck had to go back and restore my backup of the above Rom.
    Usually I'm use to most roms being 800+ mb not 175 or so.
    In addition what order do I need to go one I have the cm zip or zips needed.and can I use TWRP to install. If I need CWM what's a good link and instructions for install of it, will it automatically delete TWRP?
    As far as install.it's: go to recover, backup, install zip(s), ?the wipe factory rest/date/cache/ dalvic? (Is that before the install after or split up? Then reboot and enjoy. Does that sound right, it's been awhile since I've installed a rom, although I've done my last 4 phones, all were one zip file and good to go.
    Anyone know if the cm 10.2 stable (4.3) have the above gallery I'm looking for?

    3. Lastly if all else fails, how about a good link to just go back to stock and I'll take all the OTA updates and just skip rooting again.
    I'm pretty sure I've used ODIN once and a tar file but it's been a long time could use a refresh if going that route. Some of the Samsung links I looked at last night from xda were no longer good along with some other links I looked at.

    I know that was a lot of info but I know almost all of you guys are a lot smarter than I am in this field and more experienced than me.
    Thanks for the help guys.

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  2. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ±
    VIP Member

    Well, the gallery app, I don't know, sorry:(

    The latest 4.3 CM can be found here:
    [ROM][OFFICIAL][4.3] CM10.2 RC1 for d2vzw (OP updated 11/25/13) - xda-developers

    In that link, there is some instructions on how to flash:)
    If you want 4.4.2 CM, see this:
    [ROM][Official][4.4.2] CyanogenMod 11.0 Nightlies for the Verizon Galaxy S3 - xda-developers

    Giant list here:
    Verizon Galaxy S III Original Android Development - xda-developers

    If you want to unroot, see this: (post 2)

    I wish I knew more about the CM roms to help you out with the gallery thing :(
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  3. jason.stimmel

    jason.stimmel Member
    Thread Starter

    thanks mike,
    CM is running smooth.
    only has one camera and gallery app.

    Looking for stock ringtones (nature sounds) great for the alarm.
    any other stock style camera, gallery, or album. (i use to have a orange icon album that listed photos by date)
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  4. GTWalling

    GTWalling Android Expert

    I don't think stock Touchwiz apps will work with CM.

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