Verizon Billing Question


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I would normally just call customer service with a question like this, but I'm at work and don't have time and I'm also curious what experience others are having. I'm new to Verizon...purchased 2 droids on November 22 online. I received them a couple days later and we have been using them since and enjoying every minute of it.

I just got my first bill from Verizon in the mail yesterday. Before I even opened it I thought it was odd that I was receiving a bill already, barely 2 weeks after starting service. Anyway, the Bill is for the full amount of a month of service...for us it's about $144, which is about what I expected, but the billing period is listed as Nov. 23-25. Am I understanding this wrong or did they just bill me a full month's worth of service for only 3 days out of the month?! Does Verizon not pro-rate their monthly plans when you first sign up?

Any other new Verizon customers experiencing this? I plan to call them and argue this when I have a chance, but if they don't budge I'm seriously considering dropping the contract since I'm within the 30 day window still.


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You are billed a month in advance. I think all cell companies do that. When I left Sprint for Verizon on Nov. 6, I got my Verizon bill. I did not get another Sprint bill even though my billing cycle ended on the 16th or 17th of each month.


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Exact same thing. I called them. The two day part is pro-rated, and the rest is billed a month ahead. For me at least the website is confusing, as it had the wrong bill period on it, but the paper bill was correct, and similar to yours.

What is confusing is why I still get billed from AT&T, who claim NOT to bill a month in advance. Now that is some BS I still have to work through.