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Verizon cell devices

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by klineaj, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. klineaj

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    Jul 31, 2010
    Owner and MSR
    North Eastern PA
    Hello title says it all.
    I am willing to buy most Verizon cell devices (Only Verizon phones please), the prices I give are NOT negotiable when given (sorry, just really poor right now). I am gathering these devices to perform certain developments on them for business applications.
    Presented are the Verizon cell phone categories which is what my prices are separated to.

    Feature phones:
    Will not buy due to them being limited with data connection which is what I need, sorry, although if you want to send them to me free so I can try to mess around with them, thats cool too.

    Multimedia Phones: Offering ($1-$50-may be higher for the newer devices) Depends on condition, and what mandatory accessories are given (ex. battery).

    Smartphones: Offering ($1-$75- may be higher for the newer devices)
    Depends on condition, and what mandatory accessories are given (ex. battery).

    What I am truly looking for are Blackberry's as they are what most of my clients use.
    (Looking for a Storm1-2 especially since one client has no idea what to do with it and I am not altogether familiar with the device.)

    Shipping information:
    Will be given at time of transaction, I ask that you use something that uses a tracking number so it minimizes that chance of it getting lost.
    (I may be able to pay for shipping depending on where you are, if I pay for shipping it will be included in the check.)

    Payment information:
    Once confirmation has been made that you have sent the package I will then send you a cashier's check for the amount agreed on, or we can use Paypal or other means of transfers (sorry will not due a wire transfer).

    Any questions, comments, and or concerns please feel free to contact me at alexander@klineaj.com (please only serious inquires)
    Thanks for helping me out if we do deal, and if I ever may major bucks with what I make ill be sure to come back to you and pay you in full for what the original retail price would be for that device (ha dont count on it.).
    Also don't post if your just going to make fun,be offending, or just saying something that does not pertain to this (although you can post how awesome I truly am)
    Thanks again!
    Also if you want to know what my business does go here:
    Iribis - -{KlineAJ}- Sites


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