Root [Verizon] Connect Rooted Jelly Bean Verizon S3 to 3G HSPDA data


I have my wifes Verizon S3 that I updated to jellybean to get global capabilities, then I rooted the phone and was able to set a custom APN.

Im in Costa Rica and using the phone for voice and data. I have both working, however I am not connecting to the 3G network here, only the 2G edge network with slow speeds. My RAZR MAXX is connecting to the 3G HSPDA network just fine and the speeds are actually quite impressive. The APN settings in my RAZR are identical to those in the S3.

Is there a setting somewhere or something that I can do to force the S3 to connect to 3G data and not 2G? Ive check every setting I can find and I see nothing.