Root [Verizon] Creating New ROM Slot


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Picture a bit fuzzy...

System Partition size
2712 MB

Data Partition size
2500 MB

Cache Partition size
300 MB

Selected Space: 5512 MB

Free Space: 9967 MB

When creating This new slot what is the best settings for these numbers?

New to rooting , What exactly do : System Partition , Data Partiton, and Cache Partition mean and what role do they play?



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I'm not terribly technical on this stuff, but here is what I think they are:
System partition: Where the actual ROM resides
Data Partition: Just what it says, ROM uses that space to store all data
Cache: That's a litte more technical. But I think it's kinda like your RAM memory, just on the hard drive. It's devoted for use when running apps. I may be totally off base with that one. :)