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Jul 20, 2010
So I've had my eye on a new Kernel that I want to install, but as a former Droid X-er, I'm not quite sure what is involved. If I install a designated 4.0.3 kernel, do I also have to install a 4.0.3 ROM and radio?
The kernel may be able to run on a 4.0.2 rom but you will likely need to see what the dev has stated in their post about the kernel. AFAIK the stock radio should be fine with a 4.0.3 rom/kernel.
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When flashing a new kernel, if you're on a 4.0.2 ROM then you must flash a kernel that is listed compatible with 4.0.2 ROMs. Same goes for 4.0.3.

The order is flash ROM, then kernel :)

Just be sure to follow any instructions given by the developer of that ROM or kernel as to what preparations to make before your flash.