Root [Verizon] Drawbacks of 4.4.2 (over 4.3)?


My VZ S3 is on 4.3, and I'm trying to decide whether to take an OTA update to 4.4.2... or root and do what it takes to stop updates now.

I know one thing I don't like about 4.4.2 is the change from "GPS" on/off switch to a "LOCATION" on/off instead, and the privacy/TOS changes that come with that... any other major drawbacks to 4.4.2?

I've rooted phones before and am aware of the advantages, but have been so far satisfied with the speed and functionality of the stock S3 with Apex Launcher and My Backup Pro. And I'm just not as interested these days in playing with ROMs and Kernels, etc.

Been ignoring the 4.4.2 update messages for weeks... now I'm tired of it. Time to do something one way or the other.