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General Verizon Galaxy Nexus Receiving 4.1.1 Update Now!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bmpster, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. TheRiot

    TheRiot Newbie

    Likewise. Verizon can't taint my N7 with hollow promises of updates. Suck it, Big Red.


  2. trojanshawn

    trojanshawn Newbie

    Got it to download twice now and got the android with the red error twice during install. Any thoughts?
  3. alexderaven

    alexderaven Lurker

    I buy the trick method, worked for me on the third try.
  4. Mittar

    Mittar Well-Known Member

    I say "the trick" is coincidence, unless...

    1) Check for updated without doing the "trick".
    2) Immediately force stop/clear cache
    3) Check for updates again and get it on the first and only try.

    That's really the only way to know if it makes any difference. It's what I'm doing from here on out.
  5. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

    A couple come to my mind.... :D

    • You updated the radio, bootloader or both (it's not the original radio).
    • You uninstalled or froze pre-installed apps (bloat).
    • You flashed some kind of mod.
    • OR you somehow got an incomplete download

    When did you get the error, when you rebooted to install or before the reboot?
  6. trojanshawn

    trojanshawn Newbie

    No radio update or boot loader.
    No bloat uninstall that I know of.
    No flashing.
  7. Mittar

    Mittar Well-Known Member

    Well I'll be damned, this is exactly what I did and it demonstrated that "the trick" does indeed work. Downloading now :)
  8. kanekutter05

    kanekutter05 Lurker

    Well I've decided that after literally 100 tries of the forcing framework trick that it is indeed coincidence if you got the update that way.

    I've tried it with wifi on only, both data and wifi on. I've tried it on the wifi at work. I've tried it on the wifi at home. I've tried it on the wifi at my sister's house. I've tried it on the wifi at my father-in-law's house. I've tried it at the Starbucks wifi this morning. I've tried it without the forcing framework trick. I've tried it after rebooting. I tried it standing on one foot. I tried it after sacrificing a goat.

    I guess I will just have to wait until Verizon decides that I need the update. Which based on my last experience with Verizon...will probably be sometime in 2154.
  9. trojanshawn

    trojanshawn Newbie

    The error occurred during the reboot when the android has the thing spinning in his stomach. It would start to load (per the status bar on the bottom) stop and then I'd see the red caution error above an android laying down.

    I haven't done anything to this phone in terms of customization... not skilled enough to do it, so I'm baffled why this keeps happening.

    I might try doing factory reset.
  10. TheRiot

    TheRiot Newbie

    Likewise. I've tried every scenario I've read about here, and no luck. Would it kill Verizon to let everyone know roughly how the update is rolling out? I know, dumb question, but it's frustrating that they can't provide customers with some type of rhyme or reason for their rollout. Especially when it's via wifi only, and not everyone is around wifi everyday.
  11. matt999000

    matt999000 Well-Known Member

    Dr seuss over here
  12. AntimonyER


    Yeah, wouldn't hurt to do that anyways, to make sure you get a clean install. If it still doesn't take, you may have to call Verizon.
  13. 3base

    3base Newbie

    I went back to stock/locked last night and tried the wifi/force stop/clear data trick to no avail. Tried again this morning and after the third attempt the downloaded appeared; maybe coincidence. However, I'll be running stock for the next week or so.
  14. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

    Try formatting cache partition first. If that doesn't work, then try factory reset.
  15. trojanshawn

    trojanshawn Newbie

    Sorry newbie here. How do I do that?
  16. R0llTide

    R0llTide Member

    I had the update pushed to me (found it waiting this morning).. I did not have mobile data turned off.
  17. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven ...eschew obfuscation...


    Lucky you, congrats.:congrats:
  18. R0llTide

    R0llTide Member

  19. nomarsgirl

    nomarsgirl Android Enthusiast

    I think us Mass-holes are just going to have to wait.
  20. SHIVA77

    SHIVA77 Android Enthusiast

    honestly, if any of the tricks would actually have worked, it would work the first time and for all. and not on 150th time and just for some. I think it's just pure coincidence and it will come when it will come.
  21. marbledgodwit

    marbledgodwit Newbie

    Got the update in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Read it would rolled out in stages & may take several days for all users to get the update.
  22. BradGfromBoo

    BradGfromBoo Well-Known Member

    DO you NEED a locked bootloader for the OTA to work? My phone is rooted, and unlocked, but stock rom and radios. HAS ANYONE RECEIVED THE UPDATE ON AN UNLOCKED ROOTED STOCK PHONE????
  23. FramCire

    FramCire Android Expert

    Not true. If the servers are busy to begin with, it won't be able to see an update. With everyone trying to get the update, that is most likely why it doesn't work first time.
  24. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

    Here: http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-nexus/620681-4-1-update-kills-phone.html#post4987168

    I restored my stock nandroid from recovery to get the last OTA. I was rooted and had an unlocked bootloader. I installed rootkeeper, installed the OTA, then restored root via rootkeeper. An hour later I restored my custom rom from recovery. :D

    You'd still be offered the OTA, but it would fail to install if the unlocked bootloader/root was a problem.
    BradGfromBoo likes this.
  25. Gnex269

    Gnex269 Newbie

    For what it's worth... I had a 4G signal at work after the update and a coworker only had 3G on his Razr Max. This was the first time that I ever had 4G at work. So I'm pleased with the performance so far.
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