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[Verizon] Happy New Year! Successfully flashed Custom ROM first time ever!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zzpree, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. zzpree

    zzpree Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey all! Special shout out to all those who helped me through this! I never expected this kinda of help online, what a community.

    Liamo_210 :)
    Metfanant :)
    DK|1 :)
    Talontrax :)

    AND a special shot out to my dude

    Mikestony:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::) who really held many hand through this.

    Quick tidbit: This was really easy to do with all the help here, so if you been putting it off......Don't.... it is really gratifying

    Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2

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  2. zzpree

    zzpree Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I hope someone will move this thread for me to ALL THINGS ROOT S3 Verizon
    I posted in the wrong forum sheeeeesh. I dont know how to contact a MOD yet.:(

    Anywhooooo, Happy New Year to the rest of Ya!
  3. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ±

    Ha, no worries! I found it and moved it for ya!

    Thanks man! Glad we could help ya! Thats how we roll here!
    Happy New Year:D
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  4. dkl1

    dkl1 Android Expert

    Now this forum is starting to see what I meant when I introduced Mikestony a couple weeks ago! NOT TO TAKE AWAY FROM OTHERS WHO ARE WILLING TO HELP but he will simply and tirelessly dig as deep for as long as he needs to to get to the core in order to help those in 'trouble' :D

    Kudos Mikey!
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  5. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ±

    I try and there is a lot of stuff I don't know and others do and they step in to help and I appreciate that. And that helps me learn too. I especially see SUroot chime in on a lot of posts and I learn from him:D
    I learn, and I just pass it on:)
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  6. Metfanant

    Metfanant Android Expert

    the only reason i stay around these forums is because they are the most noob friendly forums there is...the devs have all but abandoned this place, and its become more of a go-between but its where i started my android obsession...
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  7. Liamo_210

    Liamo_210 Android Expert

    No problem mate was glad to help. Was worried you were having troubles when you stopped posting on your other thread but glad to see you sorted everything out.
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