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[Verizon] [HOWTO] Enable Hidden Menus for Verizon Galaxy S4

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vacaloca, May 31, 2013.

  1. vacaloca

    vacaloca Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I posted this over on XDA, but figured I'd put it here as well:

    Since VZW and Samsung Level 2 support didn't know the answer, here is how to enable the hidden menus on the dialer screen for the Verizon GS4. Previously, there was a 'master' code that enabled the hidden menus. Now it is a filesystem based check. Boo!
    Due to editing /system/build.prop and /efs/carrier/HiddenMenu you MUST be rooted.

    1) Add the following line* to /system/build.prop
    Code (Text):
    1. sys.hiddenmenu.enable=1
    2) Change the contents of /efs/carrier/HiddenMenu from OFF to ON
    3) Reboot.
    4) Try it out! Go to the phone dialer and enter *#06# (show MEID) as a test.

    For more codes that worked on the S3 that (should) also work on the S4, see below:

    Having the hidden menus enabled is particularly useful for those who want to disable WiFi Power Saving mode -- I was having issues with an access point at work, but sadly disabling it didn't fix the problem. Otherwise, the hidden menus are useful to test your sensors/display/etc or just looking around in general. Enjoy!

    For those that are NOT rooted, there is an alternative to get to SOME of these menus, but it is not a free app (currently $1.99). It's called "Samsung Sevice Mode." Note that I am not affiliated with the developer, I just bought it to test if the menus were present before I dug deeper into finding out how to fully enable the hidden menus on my Verizon Galaxy S4. When I have time in the next day or so, I'll try to figure out how the app calls the menus, and update the post if I find a free solution for those that are not rooted.


    * Note: I added the "sys.hiddenmenu.enable=1" line right after the "persist.cne.feature=0" one, but I don't think it matters where you add it. Just be careful editing this file. I managed to get my phone boot-looping, probably because I used notepad to edit the file and it added Windows CR/LFs to it, and had to use the NoWipe Factory Image posted here to restore my phone. The second time around I used Root Explorer's built in text editor and it worked fine.

    In case anyone is curious how I figured this out, click here.

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  2. tCizzler

    tCizzler Member

    The *#06# worked and showed my meid number. But the *#codes# (*#26337#) didn't work. Nothing happened.
  3. vacaloca

    vacaloca Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Sorry about that, I just meant that as an example, haha. The service menu code is *#197328640#. I updated the OP deleting that reference.
  4. zalex

    zalex Newbie

    great tip, got it working! is this menu where i would turn SMS over IMS off?
  5. fatalfury

    fatalfury Well-Known Member

    whats wrong with ##dmmode#
  6. 1/ I wrote the command at the same place u said but it always fail to save it.

    2/ I looked over the folder efs and i found it empty.

    3/ Where can I find hiddenmenu.apk , and if its not in the place u will mention what can i do ?


    STIFFLER91 Lurker

    Question, how do I get into the efs/carrier/Hidden menu to turn it on? Is it in the build prob or another area? I tried looking w ES FILE EX and Root Expl. But no luck. I'm also trying to unlock a U.S. Verizon s3 and s4 to flash to Verizon prepay or Straight Talk , any direction to a working method that is free would also b VERY appreciated. Been reading allot the past few days and can't seem to find a solid method. Thanks in advance.

    Current Rom: Hyperdrive v8.1

    TALONTRAX Android Enthusiast

    It is in the folder /efs/carrier/hidden (need to be rooted to access it)open it in root explorer as a text file with text editor & change "off" to "on".

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