For Sale Verizon iPhone 4 32gb Black

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For Sale: Verizon iPhone 4 32gb Black

Price : $250 obo

Condition : 8/10

Includes : Phone, wall charger, data cable, car charger, vzw case/holster, bodyguard screen protector (not installed), kensington Fm receiver.

Item Location : New Jersey

Shipping Details : Usps Priority

Payment Options : Paypal

Contact Info : Galpdawg at

Additional Info: Phone is in good condition, Still on iOS 5. Tthis was kept in a case at all times. Screen is flawless. Esn is clean and ready to activate. Looking to sell this asap. Please email me for faster response.


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Everything looks good... Can you just let me know which Bodyguard this is so I know if I can wet or dry apply.. Thx


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Closed thread since it is sold, cheers
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