[Verizon] Liquidsmooth 125 battery tips?


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Been on this ROm for a couple weeks now and LOVE it!! All the bugs/issues I had are gone! The only issue I am having with this ROM is that my extended battery drains a lot faster than it used to?

As a newbie, I dont know where to start, does anyone have any tips on ways I can configure (via propmodder or performance) to extend my battery life without turning off data?

Also, I am in a 3G-only area and am already set to CDMA only.

TIA for any help/advice!! :)


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Hi Brad,

I haven't made any changes to system settings. I don't understand the voltage settings page to feel confident enough to make changes (I really need to research that sometime and learn myself up right) but I do keep current with LeanKernel releases which is up to 3.2.2. Aside from that try the typical things. Restrict what syncs. I don't use Google+ or Talk so I have them both disabled. I'm very careful of widgets and how often they sync. Most weather widgets you can set to refresh on wake up instead of refreshing in the background automatically.

Then there's my favorite piece of battery advice: don't worry about it and keep a charger handy :)

Hope that helps!


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Hmmmm, let me be more specific:

Under performance, there is an option for Governer, hotplugx|ondemand|interactivex|interactive

Will one of those yield better battery life than the others? what trade-offs, if any do you give up to get that better battery life?

Sorry if these are dumb questions, but I am quite the newbie!


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I've found that interactivex works best on my phone. I'm currently running LS 1.25 and LeanKernel 2.8 (which came with the rom) because whenever I tried flashing newer version of LK, my phone became super buggy so I always reverted back to 2.8. But I also haven't played too much with the CPU speeds since I don't really need it. The longer you can be on wifi, the better. What kind of screen time and unplug time are you seeing right now? With my setup, I can easily get through a day (20 hours, 2-3 hours of screen time, wifi/4g mix) by running LS 1.25 and LK 2.8 with interactivex.