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[Verizon] Loki for MK2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by maplewood, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. maplewood

    maplewood Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Does the Loki exploit work on the i545/mk2.

    When I try to move the loki files into the \data directory I get various error codes. Using My Phone Explorer on a PC the error read OBEX Errorode: D0 - Internal Server Error. Astro on the phone just says "Error Can't Move File).

    Is it the file(s) I'm trying to move or it is something about Loki / Mk2 -- or something else?

    If I can get these file where they evidently need to go I'd like to get CM or whatever working so as to flash something other than Verizon Stock. (Hyperdrive via Safestrap just soft bricked me -- twice. So I'm looking for Plan B.)

  2. wtherrell

    wtherrell Android Enthusiast

    No. But I think you can root and use safestrap. Search in your device thread over on xda forums.
    No plan B. You will need to learn to root and use safestrap correctly.
  3. maplewood

    maplewood Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for that suggestion. I am already rooted and Safestrap has softbricked me so I'm hoping for an alternative, and a way to use CM or TWRP.
  4. timelord65

    timelord65 Android Enthusiast

    safestrap is your only alternative. It works fine, I'd read up and make sure your doing everything correctly.
  5. maplewood

    maplewood Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Safestrap has been most frustrating. I've tried both Hyperdrive and Gummy. Each time following the instructions to the letter. Using both MJ7 and MK2 builds (flashing the appropriate build specific modules of course).

    All looks good and then the rom itself never successfully boots.
  6. timelord65

    timelord65 Android Enthusiast

    I don't think Gummy is compatible with safetrap since its an aosp rom. Hyperdirive should work thought. You must be dong something wrong.

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