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Verizon Los Angeles city tax charges

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by monkies, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. monkies

    monkies Newbie
    Thread Starter

    OK I admit I never really look at my bill closely and pay attention to the taxes and such. But I just picked up my droid, and noticed a 'Los Angeles City UuT' tax (runs about $7/month).

    Yeah...I moved out of LA 10/2005, and have been paying this tax the whole time and didn't even know it! :eek:

    I'm talking with Verizon right now, but what I'm very confused about in our world of technology, cell phone towers, satellites, smart phones, etc., is that I updated my billing address (moved to NY), they have my call info and know where I've made calls from, yet the preliminary word is I had to update my 'usage profile' on my account!!!! Seriously! Even though I've updated my account, obviously been making calls on the east coast, Verizon has been charging me a tax for a county I haven't lived in for 4 years. They rely on the user to fill in a separate piece of info online and rely on THAT to assess your primary usage location (and every time I've renewed my contract nobody ever thought this was funny or mentioned it to me).

    My question is who has my money (LA county?), and what is their justification for keeping it :thinking: Any idea on if it's possible to get this money back????

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  2. Nhyde

    Nhyde Newbie

    I think NY, NY taxes are worse...You might have been better off with LA.
  3. primetime

    primetime Guest

    there not going to refund your money, if NY is more expensive do you want them to charge the difference back to you?
  4. monkies

    monkies Newbie
    Thread Starter

    they credited me $50 or so.

    btw, if you want to get around a local tax in your area, seems like you can just enter an address that doesn't have a tax in your profile under 'usage area.' They obviously rely on this field for the tax, and the field is not associated to your billing address...so why not!
  5. BetjeLenny

    BetjeLenny Lurker

    I am currently living in NYC, but am a resident of FL.If you are currently living in NYC, you are not a legal resident of FL.They are WITHHOLDING on behalf of NYC in accordance with your tax documents. YOU need to file a NY state and NYC local tax return. Both should allow you to deduct you FL income and receive a refund.
  6. Bradleyy

    Bradleyy Lurker

  7. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    ummmm, this thread is 5 years old, might want to pay attention to the post dates.

    and, FWIW, Verizon will only credit back 60 days in most cases.
    and it is the responsibility of the Account Owner to keep the Profile up to date...

    The carriers have no idea if the phone is out of state because a student is using it, or the owner is on vacation.
    where it is being used has absolutely nothing to do with the billing address, and ergo, the taxes imposed.
  8. Bradleyy

    Bradleyy Lurker

    Yes, its an 8 year old thread referring to an incident that occurred 10 years ago. In reading the article I posted above which is dated 9/13/2015 you'll notice that refers to the city taxes people paid on their verizon cell phone bills in 2005-2008. It mentions that there was a class action lawsuit that took many years to come to a resolution; people who paid this tax can get $50 back if you fill out the form by Feb 20, 2016. Go ahead, read it. It's all quite relevant today - and has nothing to do with getting credit back within 60 days.

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