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Verizon Marshmallow Update!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sswingle, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. sswingle

    sswingle Newbie
    Thread Starter

    On Verizon and got updated this afternoon. Took quite a while to download. Noticing some UI tweaks but nothing hugely different.

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  2. FussBoss

    FussBoss Member

    Ugh, how do I get rid of the pastel colors for the folders?

    Never really looked at a launcher before but these pastel colors have me looking at Nova.
  3. Mdraej99

    Mdraej99 Android Enthusiast

    Wonder when Sprint will get it?!
  4. sswingle

    sswingle Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I use the Samsung Material Dark theme so I don't see any pastel colors.
  5. Nomusa53

    Nomusa53 Newbie

    On phone with Verizon and transferred > Samsung over 2 hrs *** trying to REGAIN ability to use CUSTOM mp3 for texts, email, other notifications. No success *** While on phone, Samsung's rep downloaded Marshmallow update.
  6. pool_shark

    pool_shark Android Expert

    My notifications stayed in place, all of them from my own files.
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  7. Nomusa53

    Nomusa53 Newbie

    Samsung rep consulted manual and other reps and after > hour, swore custom ringtones no longer available after Marshmallow for me to use as text, email, other notifications. I LIKED being able to know when "U have a WORK email" or "Hey u gotta text" or "Your calendar is calling you" ... Can't be true. It got broken a few weeks ago while I was still on Lollipop
  8. dharmaynayz

    dharmaynayz Newbie

    Such a HUGE improvement. First and foremost, a big problem for people was the RAM management. It would only keep open a few apps (without a redraw) before closing them. Now, it seems to keep open more apps, but when it doesn't, it redraws them nearly instantly. That really speeds up this phone. Also, every little animation and transition is smoother and faster.

    Turning on my flashlight is instant (as opposed to a near 1 second delay). Using overview to select an open app is much quicker. The fingerprint sensor unlocks the phone much quicker. The lock screen now allows us to unlock via fingerprint or pin, instead of either/or (now works like my wife's iPhone 6). The fingerprint sensor is much more accurate and sensitive, meaning no mis-reads (so far) and a less than perfect placement of finger to use. A few new items in settings, plus a little rearrangement. Plus, to unlock via pin, it now takes another step: now you have to swipe to get to the pin pad, then input your pin. Camera seems to be the same, save for a small red record dot, instead of a video camera icon, on the camera's home screen when you want to record. These are all small changes, and you might be thinking "big deal, I'll just stick with lollipop". But you shouldn't. All these little changes lead to a HUGE upgrade. It's now the super-smooth super-fast flagship that we all deserve, that will still be relevant in a year (10 years in tech-time). P. S. I have NEVER been one to upgrade firmware immediately, especially being a verizon customer, but lollipop was never implemented well on the note 5. Marshmallow rules all. Be bold. Do it.
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  9. sswingle

    sswingle Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Fully agreed, now that I've had it about 24 hours I am noticing performance improvements as well.
    The other thing no one has mentioned yet is the new Doze feature present in Android. I haven't had much time to tell how well it works, but based on reading about it, we should have huge improvements in battery life.
  10. dharmaynayz

    dharmaynayz Newbie

    I've gotten 48 hours+about 90% of the time since I've had it (Christmas). Every time I've gotten less than that is because of some random cell standby bug. I got rid of that by turning ON my LTE. Don't know why that works, but it does. Last night, after I got Marshmallow, I seemed to only lose 2% of battery life overnight (~8hours). That's stellar. I've never lost less than 4%. I attribute it to Doze. I had an LG G2 before this. Same battery size, but this phone gets killer battery life. I never got more than 36 hours with G2. That was rooted and ROM'd with every mod possible. Underclocked to 1.2GHz always. This processor and software is so smart and efficient. MM takes it even further. I've also always cleared cache and factory reset after new firmware. This time I didn't, just because. Works fine. All my stuff was saved through Google for first time ever. I'll take the trade off. So far, my phone is killing it.
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  11. rogueally

    rogueally Well-Known Member

    Definitely have to agree with you Dhar....my phone feels like a flagship phone. The battery life greatly improved and and the fingerprint scanner is so much faster and accurate. If you go into developer options and switch window, transition and animator scale to .5 then your phone flies...I mean fast....also the new Samsung browser is faster than chrome...it seems like it was optimized for MM....I also feel that the keyboard seems more responsive as well.....all in all.....I haven't noticed any bugs, stutters or battery drain whatsoever...I highly recommend the upgrade.....
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  12. rogueally

    rogueally Well-Known Member

    I haven't done much with On Tap yet....planned on toying with it today...
  13. rcaine

    rcaine Well-Known Member

    Dhar covers it pretty well. It is very peppy and seems to free up some space. I'm still trying to tweak the appearance but I should be able to find some useful settings. The lock screen is a downer. So far the only issue I'm having is Waze maps don't display. I'm working on that one. So far very pleased.
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  14. Dougb256

    Dougb256 Newbie

    Swipe to delete emails no longer works :-(
  15. Puppa

    Puppa Android Enthusiast

    This update has RUINED my Galaxy Note 5. Streaming radio via Bluetooth triggers random reboots several times a day...and when it reboots, I have to reenter my password manually. So when it reboots while I am driving, I have to pull over and log back in if I want to continue playing music!

    Update has also ruined Wifi reception, and battery life, which only drained 2 percent all night prior to the update now drains almost 20 percent.

    I am so mad at Verizon for approving this garbage of an update that I could SPIT.
  16. pool_shark

    pool_shark Android Expert

    In what app? I still swipe to delete in gmail.

    I'm not quite sure that you can blame Verizon.
    I have none of the issues that you mentioned. Therefore it seems that the update is probably not the culprit, because if it was more people would have the same issues.
    Have you performed a factory reset? That is recommended after an update, if you experience problems.
  17. Dougb256

    Dougb256 Newbie

    Yahoo Mail, Apple Mail.
  18. ncampbell21

    ncampbell21 Well-Known Member

    Swipe to delete emails still works for me. The difference is I use to swipe to the right to delete and now I have to swipe to the left to delete.
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  19. Dougb256

    Dougb256 Newbie

    Okay, swiping to the left does work. Thanks!
  20. Lauren0125

    Lauren0125 Newbie

    Updated today (Verizon) so far, so good! And now I can use Wi-Fi calling!:D
  21. rcaine

    rcaine Well-Known Member

    After a week I still find it much peppier than before. Speed improvements. Besides the lock screen, one other annoyance is that the app Speed Dial no longer works. The direct dial widget is no longer in android. I found the app Speed Dial that did most of what I needed from this much desired and much used feature. Except now Marshmallow totally killed it.
  22. Puppa

    Puppa Android Enthusiast

    I did a complete factory data reset, yet the reboot issues continued. Since iheartradio was usually running when the reboots happened, I checked the reviews on Google Play for the Galaxy Note 5 users on the iheartradio app. They were rife with people having the same reboot issue, so I decided to ping iheartradio tech support.

    A "guru" told me to: clear data and cache for the iheartradio app prior to uninstalling it. Once uninstalled, turn off the phone and wait 30 sec before turning it back on. Finally, they had me install iheartradio from the Amazon Appstore, which was an older version (v5.8) than the one on Google Play (v6.0). That solved my problem for iheartradio AND a few other radio show streaming apps which apparently share libraries with it. No more reboots, and now my battery life is stellar. I'm halfway through the day with streaming and still over 90%!
  23. icomeanon

    icomeanon Well-Known Member

    For those running into wifi issues - what's happening is your speed is drastically fluctuating (I've been seeing it jump around from 1mbps to 24mbps to 6 mbps and back again in a matter of 10-15 seconds), apparently due to an issue with how the wifi and bluetooth work together.

    If you need ONLY wifi at any given time - turn off bluetooth
  24. Lauren0125

    Lauren0125 Newbie

    I received my first wifi call. Finallly, I can use my phone in the basement! :)
  25. Jore

    Jore Android Enthusiast

    How do you get here?

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