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[Verizon] Moving apps to SD card

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by baloo, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. baloo

    baloo Newbie
    Thread Starter

    OK. Have rooted all my phones up to this one. I have had it since the week VZW released them. I have not rooted this SG3 because it only had 1 thing that was an irritant and I had heard on this phone you lost some functionality like the speed of the camera.

    The "irritant" is really getting to me now, So, my question is what ROM is stable that allows me to move apps to and use them from the SD card while still maintaining or improving as much of Jelly Bean and the SG3s functionality?

    Am I asking too much?

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  2. Metfanant

    Metfanant Android Expert

    first of all..i have NO idea who told you there is any camera performance hit when rooting...but that is simply a lie...

    second, the thing with apps2sd is that Google is moving away from removable storage...and moving towards a completely internal experience...i have not looked into it much as i have no reason to move any apps to the sd card...

    but i can tell you that future versions of Android are not going to contain this functionality...
  3. baloo

    baloo Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Which is why I am now considering rooting, to be able to move apps. Not sure about moving away from memory cards since they Xyboard was one of thelast tablets not to have a memory card and none of the phones have had any indication. I do know they have an issue for whatever reason with apps on the cards.

    As to the camera hit, on almost every ROM I have looked at either there is a speed hit or problems with front facing camera.
  4. Metfanant

    Metfanant Android Expert

    What specific ROMs have problems with the camera?...I've never heard this

    As for memory cards...um the nexus line?? The removal of apps to SD as a feature?? These are not signs of moving away from external storage?
  5. baloo

    baloo Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Do you have anything valid to offer the thread? If not, please quit wasting space with non-answers arguing some useless agenda with yourself.
  6. baloo

    baloo Newbie
    Thread Starter

    For anyone who might wander upon this thread, it look like there might be a workaround I found in this thread, starting with message #49.

    Going to play with it this weekend.
  7. Metfanant

    Metfanant Android Expert

    I'm trying to show you your concerns about rooting dont exist...
  8. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Android Expert

    I moved my 150 apps to ExtSD to save space using Titanium Backup. I've never done it before but when I did - I was shocked how little storage difference it made. I see very little use in it and next time I flash, I will erase my SD and start over leaving them on the internal memory.
  9. Metfanant

    Metfanant Android Expert

    apps other than some really big games take up next to no space...

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